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  1. The Diggnation Reunion Part 1

    Alex Albrecht joins Kevins to take a trip down memory lane. They reminisce about Diggnation, and their wildest drunken moments, including the infamous Reno episode and various escapades during live shows. Kevin and Alex share their experiences with Bitcoin mining, discussing their investments' highs and lows, and the perpetual f*ckery of sobriety. Tune in next week for part II, Diggnation style!

    Guest Bio and Links: Alex Albrecht is known for his significant contributions to technology and entertainment. He is a podcast host, television personality, and tech entrepreneur. Alex gained popularity as the co-host of "The Screen Savers" on TechTV and later co-created and co-hosted the popular podcasts "Diggnation" and "The Totally Rad Show." He has also ventured into directing, writing, and game development. Listeners can learn more about Alex Albrecht at his website, and on X @alexalbrecht

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  2. Russian Escalation Strategy in Ukraine - The North Korean Deal, Kharkiv & Putin’s “Ceasefire” demand

    Discussions of escalation management in Ukraine are usually framed from a Western perspective and the incremental provision of aid by Ukraine's allies. But as the war carries on Moscow faces escalation dilemmas of its own.

    It has an imperative to escalate in ways that place as much pressure on Ukraine as possible, but often attempts to do so prompt responses from Ukraine's allies that put Russia in a worse place than when it started.

    Today, we look at four recent Russian lines of escalation and effort in Ukraine, from the Kharkiv offensive to the new partnership agreement with North Korea. We ask what the logic might have been behind those moves, what the effect has been, and ask the question….will they improve Russia's position or leave it at greater risk than before.


    Reading and Sourcing (WIP) :

    Maps of territorial control per Deepstatemap as always

    Visually confirmed equipment losses per Oryx

    Kharkiv specific figures per @naalsio26

    TASS on KCNA releasing the agreement text:

    TASS on the Putin 'peace plan' (including the requirement for a Ukrainian withdrawal)

    Reporting on Results of the Swiss summit

    Original video:
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  3. I asked Senator Warren if the President is TOO OLD?

    Welcome to Hasan Minhaj Doesn't Know. This week Hasan sits down with Senator Elizabeth Warren to better understand why our politicians are so old, learn how someone as smart as her operates in a place as stupid as American politics, and discuss the new IRS website, which allows people to file their taxes for free.

    Follow Me Here: Instagram: / hasanminhaj
    Facebook: / hasanminhaj
    Tik Tok: / hasanminhaj
    Twitter: / hasanminhaj

    CREDITS (Elizabeth Warren) Co-Creator & Executive Producer: Hasan Minhaj Co-Creator & Executive Producer: Prashanth Venkataramanujam Executive Producer/Director/Cinematographer/Editor: Tyler Babin Executive Producer/Showrunner: Scott Vrooman Producer: Kayla Feng Talent Coordinator: Tanya Somanader Audio Engineer: Jon Mendel Camera Operator: Robert Castillo Camera Operator and Assistant Editor: Austin Morales Assistant: Annie Fick

    Original video:
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