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  1. The Mess: Stock, Rowling, Balls

    What a great week it's been, and we're not even halfway through it. Trans activists forgot the principles of The Dentons Document and appeared in a documentary. Now they're panicking.

    Rowling highlighted the fact that a National newspaper, The Independent, allowed one of its journalists to tell a clearly defamatory lie. Ideological capture in journalism finally exposed.

    Ed Balls had the conversation every Londoner on the dinner party circuit dreads and made a star of a Kathleen Stock. Every eye will be on her event in Oxford today. By all means, let's hear what the trans rights activists opposing her have to say.

    There's no way we can let all this go without a Mess.

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  2. How Reddit Became the Enemy - w/ Apollo Developer Christian Selig

    Reddit done goofed. Reverting on 15 years of developer and community goodwill, the company is now charging unsustainable prices for API access with an unrealistic implementation period. Apollo, and many other iOS/Android Reddit clients are at jeopardy of ceasing to exist within just a few weeks. I speak with Christian Selig (former Apple intern turned star indie dev) on why and how Apollo's $20M API maintenance fees are a no-go and how Reddit's changes will make the site worse for everyone.

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    Original video:
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