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  1. Matt Webb at dConstruct 2022

    Matt Webb is a technologist, product designer, and writer who defies categorisation. He has headed up a design studio, co-founded a start-up, and now consults on super-clever machine learning stuff. His blog is brilliant.

    Matt previously spoke at dConstruct back in 2007, when he gave a talk called The Experience Stack.

    Matt spoke at the final dConstruct, a special one-off anniversary edition held in 2022. The theme of the day was design transformation.

    —Huffduffed by dConstruct

  2. FULL INTERVIEW: Dr Jordan Peterson sits down with Piers Morgan

    Clinical psychologist and public intellectual Dr Jordan Peterson has sat down with Sky News Australia host Piers Morgan for an insightful and emotional interview discussing his work, free speech and the world today.

    Original video:
    Downloaded by on Fri Sep 30 19:40:25 2022 Available for 30 days after download

    —Huffduffed by ontguy

  3. YUTorah Online - Avodas Yom Hakippurim (Rabbi Hershel Schachter)

    קרבנות של יוה'כ, פייסות, שינויים בסדר העבודה בין נוסח אשכנז לנוסח ספרד, חלקי סדר העבודה לפי תושב'כ ותושבע'פ, עלה ונסתפג, עמידת כ'ג בעזרה בשעת הליכת שעיר המשתלח ביד איש עתי, דין ביט…

    —Huffduffed by extoreador