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  1. State of Sports Tech 2021 Keynote - DC Rainmaker

    Here’s the full State of Sports Technology Keynote from the Garmin Developer Virtual Conference 2021. I dive into what things worked, and what didn’t work for the past year in 2021 - including all the highlights and failures when it came to sports and fitness technology.

    As with most years, I start off with the overall trends, and then dig into each of the trends deeper throughout the presentation. I talk about everything from concerns with how anti-cheating controls are handled in the rise of Esports, to how the lack of in-person industry events over the last year has contributed to a growing neglect of standards and cross-product integration. On the flip side I talk about all the cool stuff too. From police units using Varia radar to deal with bad drivers, and continuous glucose monitoring maybe finally getting its moment in the sports sun.

    0:00 Explaining this keynote 2:17 The beginning 5:28 Overall 2021 trends 7:28 Wearable platforms in 2022 9:43 Finding the right platform 11:53 Continous Glucose in Sports 14:38 Police Using Sports Tech to Protect Cyclists 17:41 Platforms are failing cyclists 20:26 Standards Are Losing Their Way 24:05 Dual All THe Connected Things 25:54 Deeper Sleep & Sports Integration 27:07 Recurring Fitness Revenue Dilemma 30:01 When A Whoop Competitor? 32:24 Displays…

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  2. Is Your Privacy An Illusion? (Taking on Big Tech) - Smarter Every Day 263

    Please Support the Kickstarter:

    Aerial footage captured in accordance with FAA regulations under Part 107 guidelines by a licensed and insured UAS service provider. Professional Drone Services (PDS.Media)

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