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  1. The Book of Revelation explained from a Historical Perspective | Revelation | Introduction

    Did many of the events of Revelation already happen? Or will they occur in the near future? In this episode, Bible teacher Tom Bradford will be dissecting the beginning of Revelation from a historical perspective.

    Using Biblical passages as well as quoting renown Bible scholars, Tom will be breaking down key aspects of Revelation, which are essential to introduce this book.

    Join us as we learn about Revelation.

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  2. What is the Best Bible? | Is it the King James Version?

    What is the best Bible, explained from a Biblical and historical perspective. This is a very difficult question to answer, as there are no one-to-one equivalents from the Hebrew or Greek languages, into the English language.

    Besides, even if you speak a foreign language, it doesn't mean that you will have a profound grasp and understanding of the cultural context of that foreign language.

    Join us in this lesson about the best Bible

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  3. Pony Express RadioNº17 ft. Semiogogue: FBI raid on tradcath teen

    Semiogogue joins the OGC to discuss the FBI raid on tradcath teen, Roe v Wade updates, diversity home loans, republicans being weird again, and more.

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  4. A Meeting of the Minds: Ayelet Fishbach and Agnes Callard discuss advice, motivation, and growth | Human beings are full of goals and aspirations. But how are those aspirations formed, and what are the best ways to pursue them? How do nature and nurture help us define and achieve our goals? Is the value of advice in the giving of it, or the receiving of it? The second edition of A Meeting of the Minds: Business and the Human, sponsored by Chicago Booth and the Stevanovich Institute on the Formation of Knowledge, brought Booth’s Ayelet Fishbach, a psychologist, and University of Chicago’s Agnes Callard, a philosopher, together to consider these and other questions of personal development. Moderated by New York Times op-ed columnist David Brooks, the discussion took advantage of each scholar’s discipline and expertise to examine how and why humans strive to improve themselves.

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  5. Low-Code-Plattformen: Der Weg, den die Zukunft schon vorzeichnet

    Unternehmen wie Behörden kämpfen oft immer noch mit schleppender Digitalisierung. Eine Ursache sind Anwendungen, die in Entwicklung, Implementierung und Anwendung nur für hochspezialisierte Fachkräfte anwendbar sind. Low-Code-Plattformen bieten sich hier als Lösung an.

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  6. UaW WDR5: DER Kleinkunstpreis im Pott - Tegtmeiers Erben

    WDR 5 Unterhaltung am Wochenende 02.12.2023 01:51:31 Std. Verfügbar bis 30.11.2024

    WDR 5 Fünf Auserwählte streiten um die begehrte Trophäe des Kleinkunst-Wettbewerbs für Bühnenoriginale, der im Andenken der Ruhrpott-Legende Jürgen von Manger gegründet wurde. Moderator Helmut Sanftenschneider begrüßt außerdem die Ehrenpreisträgerinnen Ina Müller und Lilo Wanders.

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  7. UaW WDR5: Kaos in Ostwestfalen beim Kabarettfest Bielefeld

    WDR 5 Unterhaltung am Wochenende 18.11.2023 01:49:42 Std. Verfügbar bis 16.11.2024

    WDR 5 Feiner Humor, Schlagfertigkeit und pointierte Gesellschaftskritik: Das Zweischlingen in Bielefeld hatte wieder starke Stimmen auf der Bühne. Moderator Hennes Bender ist Gastgeber für die selbsterannte Kaoshüterin Anna Mateur, Ingo Börchers, Uta Köbernick und Johannes Floehr.

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  8. Test Driven Development vs Behavior Driven Development

    TDD vs BDD, Test Driven Development vs Behaviour Driven Development which is most important to get right? Most people think of BDD and TDD as having distinctly different focusses in an effective automated testing strategy. In fact they are more closely related than many people think.

    In this episode on the Continuous Delivery channel, Dave Farley, who was involved in the creation of BDD, explains his slightly more unusual take on the real value of this approach to creating automated tests. Dave believes that TDD and BDD are at the foundations of a sound software engineering approach to software development and explores these ideas with some real-world examples of good and bad automated tests.



    The original BDD wiki that Dave helped to write ➡️

    The 1968 NATO Software Engineering Conference ➡️

    🎓 CD TRAINING COURSES 🎓 If you want to learn Continuous Delivery and DevOps skills, check out Dave Farley's courses ➡️

    📚 BOOKS:

    📖 Dave’s NEW BOOK "Modern Software Engineering" is now available on Kindle ➡️ (Paperback version available soon) In this book,…

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  9. How To Analyze Movies – Film Studies 101

    Get a full year of Nebula and CuriosityStream for less than $15

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    Co-edited by Ryan Alva


    Music by Epidemic Sound

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    00:00 Intro 03:50 Asking Why 07:08 What Is The Story Saying 11:22 Visual Language 13:07 Style & Aesthetic 16:45 Perspective 18:41 Lenses 23:53 Color 27:45 Aspect Ratio 30:54 Lighting 32:58 Blocking & Camera Movement 39:34 Editing 46:37 Sound 55:50 Putting It All Together 01:01:28 Auteur Theory 01:07:32 Cinema History 01:10:48 Genre 01:15:11 Other Lenses 1:18:09 - Ending

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