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  1. What is church when we can’t gather? Thinking theologically with Chase Kuhn

    Recent measures to curb Covid-19 have had a deep impact on our churches. What is church when we can’t gather? This is a time when we need to pray, think deeply and theologically about biblical principles, and seek to apply those principles creatively and sacrificially in our radically new context. My colleague Chase Kuhn completed his doctorate in the doctrine of the church and is the Director of Moore College’s Centre for Christian Living, which aims to help Christians bring biblical ethics to everyday issues.

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  2. April 8th

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  3. Wie Corona unsere Mobilität verändern könnte

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  4. Silky Love | Radiolab | WNYC Studios

    We scour the Atlantic Ocean for an answer to one of life’s slipperiest mysteries.

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  5. Cum Town - Wario’s Plan

    2018-10-26 Cum Town Live Melbourne 2018-11-01 Ep. 127 - classico podacata

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  6. John Prine: Full Interview | House Of Strombo

    The Strombo Show presents John Prine in an intimate conversation with George Stroumboulopoulos to celebrate his newest release "The Tree Of Forgiveness"

    The Strombo Show / House of Strombo is the home of the best records played in the best order, from the 1-2-3-4 to the 808’s and beyond. For over two decades, George Stroumboulopoulos has been working on behalf of you to find and champion the songs that’ll get you through the night. Interviews, intimate sessions, and out-of-its-mind full-blown house concerts. The Strombo Show reflects the beautiful and the badass of Canada’s diverse cultural landscape. There are no boundaries, with the gamut running from Aretha Franklin to Slayer and everything in between.

    We have welcomed many musical guests into the program, including major international artists like A.R. Rahman, Against Me!, Alice Cooper, Ani DiFranco, Anthrax, Bill Murray, Bjork, Bonnie Raitt, Charles Bradley, Chuck D, The Cult, De La Soul, Diana Krall, Dinosaur Jr., DMC, Dolly Parton, Elvis Costello, Gene Simmons, Ghostface Killah, Grandmaster Flash, James Franco, James Hetfield of Metallica, The Kills, Lady Gaga, Lee “Scratch” Perry, Little Stevie Van Zandt, Loretta Lynn, Maynard James Keenan of TOOL, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine, Missy Elliott, Mix Master Mike, Moby…

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  7. London Real Founder Responds To Banning of David Icke 5G Interview

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  8. John Prine On Mountain Stage (April 27, 1997)

    John Prine made his third appearance on Mountain Stage on April 27, 1997. When this episode originally aired, Prine’s 10-song set was cut short to fit the radio broadcast, so nearly half of this performance is being heard here for the first time.

    Prine was touring in support of his now-famous Live on Tour album, drawn from a series of shows in the mid-’90s. As such, his set features material from different periods in his career. Prine plays songs from Lost Dogs and Mixed Blessings as well as from The Missing Years, including "Picture Show" and "Lake Marie." He closes his set with an encore performance of "Paradise," from his first album. In a rare Mountain Stage twist, Prine is joined on stage by power-pop pioneer Alex Chilton, who’d appeared earlier in the very same show.

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  9. Así sonaron los Pactos de la Moncloa de 1977

    Rafael Bermejo ha buceado en el archivo de Radio Nacional para rescatar los testimonios de los principales protgaonistas de los Pactos de la Moncloa firmados en 1977.

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  10. COVID-19 Clinical Update

    COVID-19 Clinical Update. Questions about testing, chloroquine toxicity, duration of immunity and reinfection, and what to expect next are gripping the US as the novel coronavirus spreads. Preeti Malani MD, Professor of Medicine and Chief Health Officer at the University of Michigan discusses recent developments in a live conversation with JAMA Editor Howard Bauchner. Originally streamed on April 6, 2020.

    CME for watching this livestream will be available here: Coronavirus Resource page from the JAMA Network:

    1:55 Overview of Dr Bauchner’s interview with Dr Malani 2:01 Case-fatality rate 4:50 CDC’s changing views on masks - what should we make of the change? 7:45 Should or shouldn’t I wear a mask? 8:46 Medical workers 9:49 PCR tests, should we trust the accuracy? 11:29 Can you become reinfected? 13:18 Serology and the likelihood of antibody testing (who is immune/ has antibodies to the virus) and being able to go to work if proven immune. 16:01 How long can we assume we are immune for, given the data we have. 17:36 How is COVID-19 spreading? Droplets versus aerolization spread. Coughs and sneezes or just through the air? 21:00 How long does the coronavirus live on packages, newspapers, groceries? 23:50 Infected tiger at the Bronx Zoo. Animal responses to CO…

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