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  1. HenryG and Moses Exclusive Interview | Why They Left Casting & More

    Fusco had a pleasure to interview HenryG, the GM of Cloud9 and Moses, the head coach of Team Liquid. They shared about why they left casting careers, goals with their current teams and more.


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  2. Will Self talks about J. G. Ballard in the age of the COVID19 pandemic -Radio 4 Today 14/04/2020

    Will Self talks about the author J. G. Ballard and how his his novels and short stories foreshadowed the current COVID19 virus pandemic. Will reads from the short story "The Intensive Care Unit" - a future where people are sealed apart from each other into their own houses.

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  3. Psychogeography | Will Self

    Will Self proposes psychogeography’s solution to social isolation.

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    Will Self has written, walked and written some more for decades now… In this talk he proposes the psychogeographical technique of the dérive, or aimless stroll, first codified by the Parisian Situationist psychogeographers, as a revolutionary solution to social isolation in pandemic Britain.

    #philosophy #psychology #psychogeography

    William Self is an author, journalist, political commentator and television personality. His fiction is known for being satirical, grotesque, and fantastical, and often explores mental illness, drug abuse and psychiatry.

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  4. Q&A with Dr Sonia // DOCTOR Covid-19 Vlog #25

    You sent Dr Sonia (ICU Consultant) and I over a 100 questions! Thank you; we answered as many as we could on everything from medical school, our hobbies, life as a doctor right through to our recent experiences working in the Covid-19 pandemic. Thank you everyone for all your support on these videos, and hope you are all staying safe! x

    Timestamps… 00:00 Welcome! 00:43 How are we? 02:35 How did you choose your specialities? 06:00 Our mental health 08:59 How tough is medical school? 12:35 Advice on working in a fast paced setting 13:27 Dealing with death 16:01 Forming professional relationships 19:03 Second lockdown? 20:47 Advice for anxiety when staring university 23:36 Starting medicine later in life 26:16 What are our ways of coping with Covid-19? 27:07 Plans for Halloween costumes 27:56 Sonia’s life summarised story 30:09 How much more stress has been put on medical professionals during the pandemic 30:20 What Lego is Sonia currently building? 31:28 What Dr Sonia will miss most about Dr Ed 32:09 How we make tea 32:48 What we think of other countries management of Covid-19 34:03 Is there going to be a second wave? 34:17 What is Dr Hope’s most annoying habit? 35:28 What would you have told yourself 6 months ago? 36:32 What are we most looking forward…

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  5. Being Worth 10 MILLION DOLLARS! | Tiege Hanley VLOG 253

    Aaron talks about his experience interviewing Noah Kagan for The Alpha M Podcast. Noah was the 30th employee at Facebook and 4th employee at Mint, and the founder of Sumo and AppSumo. ——- TRY TIEGE Want to give Tiege Hanley a try? Learn more & claim your offer at ——- VIDEO SUMMARY 00:00 Introduction Aaron discusses his last podcast interview with Noah Kagan, a serial entrepreneur and former Facebook employee, who is now worth over $10 Million.

    1:22 Aaron Reached out to Noah Noah agreed to be on Aaron’s podcast which was awesome. Aaron was a little bit nervous to interview him but super excited. Noah brings a ton of value to his YouTube videos an he’s definitely worth checking out. The podcast will be live in a few weeks.

    3:28 Why Do You Talk About Money So Much? Aaron asked Noah why he’s so willing to talk about money. Aaron hates talking about money, it makes him uncomfortable. Noah turned that question around on him, asking why Aaron is so uncomfortable talking about it. Noah said, “I always knew I was going to be rich.” That’s the complete opposite of how Aaron felt.

    6:59 Living Modestly Is a Skill Noah lives in Austin, TX. He doesn’t drive a fancy car. He doesn’t live in a fancy home. He’s modest. It’s an inspiring way …

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  6. Corruption Perceptions Index Explained | Transparency International

    The Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) was established in 1995 as a composite indicator used to measure perceptions of corruption in the public sector in different countries around the world. During the past 20 years, both the sources used to compile the index and the methodology have been adjusted and refined. In 2012, important changes were made to the methodology to allow for score comparison across time, which was not possible prior to 2012.

    The methodology follows four basic steps: selection of source data, rescaling source data, aggregating the rescaled data and then reporting a measure for uncertainty. The calculation process also incorporates a strict quality control mechanism which consists of parallel independent data collection and calculations conducted by two inhouse researchers and two academic advisors with no affiliation to Transparency International.

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  7. The Future of Negative Solidarity

    Negative solidarity: an aggressively enraged sense of injustice. Because I endure lousy working conditions (wage freezes, no benefits, increasing precarity) everyone else must too. Mythic emblems? The Welfare Queen, (a racialized demonization of benefits for the impoverished or unemployed). The Migrant (scolded for dependency and laziness on the one hand and seen as “stealing jobs” on the other). The Public Services Worker (a teacher or government employee who still benefits, if only slightly, from union protection and collective bargaining, thus failing to suffer enough or work adequately). Will it expand in scope and intensity after the quarantine in the form of a clamor for more austerity, for persecution of the disadvantaged in the name of fiscal discipline?  Or will this complex articulation of affect and imagination have to contend with a renewed sense of interdependence inspired by the countless acts of solidarity from frontline workers that got us through the crisis?

    Jason Read, Jeremy Gilbert, Steven Shaviro, Jo Isaacson, Bruno George (mod)

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  8. № 14: Webtypografie mit Gerrit van Aaken - Wo wir sind ist vorne.

    Bäm! Zurück aus der Sommerpause begrüßen wir mit Gerrit van Aaken unseren ersten echten #WWSIV-Gast! Begebt euch mit uns auf eine Achterbahnfahrt durch die Typografie im Web, von PHP-Image-Replacement über sIFR und cufón bis hin zu @font-face und variablen Fonts. Nebenher sprechen wir über unicode-range, diverse Font-Features, Mate, Fahrräder und ihr werdet Zeuge unserer ersten Live-Podcast-Spende. Wie immer getreu unserem Motto: alles neu macht der September!

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