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  1. Your Passwords Are Useless!

    Passwords are obsolete. Technology has far surpassed the level of protection passwords can offer. Abandon them!

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    Just realized I never elaborated on the 1 - 6 percent of the global GDB costs. It’s from estimates of damages cost by cybercrime that range from $1 trillion to $6 trillion annually. Sources:

    Passwords have been the default authentication method for decades and not much has changed about that. Except, we went from counting computing power in megahertz to gigahertz. But we are still using them, only with a non-binding recommendation of “try to make them more complicated.”

    Half of your password security depends on making sure you do everything right. Create and manage complicated and unique passwor…

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  2. dotmobile Interview: Canada’s First MVNO | BPP 22

    Stetson and Dennis are joined by Algis and Alex, the founders of dotmobile. Dotmobile is Canada’s first fully-licensed MVNO. Dotmobile will provide affordable plans that are more accessible than ever before. Visit the website - ⬇ SHOW MORE ⬇

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  3. JF—Bitter Pill

    Larry gives his mother the birthday gift of a family photograph with her husband air-brushed out. Joe’s tells the story of a child prodigy friend whose promise was never fulfilled. Larry and Joe debate the merits of their respective neighborhood country clubs. Maude tells the story of her wild youth. At his mother’s birthday, Larry recites ‘The Runaway Bunny.’ Joe speaks of his mother’s ‘imperial’ cat, Prince, and describes events leading to his execution.

    Produced in 2000 for The Other Side

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  4. The Path of the Artist—Neil DeGraide of Dirt-Poor Robins

    We ask Niel DeGraide about the "path of the artist" - what does it mean to be an artist, how do we relate to beauty and how can anyone, no matter what you do, take an artistic approach to life?

    0:00 Introduction 2:00 What is an artist? 5:43 Describing symbolism 10:22 Is Christianity’s symbolic framework good enough? 13:48 Fighting the bleakness of the modern world 19:36 How did Neil start seeing the world personified again? 25:37 Making money from enchanted artwork 29:09 Bringing attention to beauty 31:25 Objective beauty 36:12 Shifting out of the materialist delusion 42:05 Risk being offensive 47:00 Teach men to emotionally regulate 52:19 Art vs. Propaganda 56:15 Why Christian art becomes propaganda 1:02:33 Neil’s family and upbringing

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