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  1. Suspense FUGUE IN C MINOR starring Ida Lupino and Vincent Price

    A classic show from the long-running radio series.

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  2. VC6 Live: Eric Whitacre in conversation with Jacob Collier

    “It’s not often one encounters an imagination with the depth and prolificacy of Jacob Collier’s. The London-based 25-year-old is dubbed by many as one of the most innovative musicians of his generation. In 2012, Jacob’s self-made YouTube videos achieved legendary status in the music world, attracting the praise of such luminaries as Herbie Hancock, David Crosby, Steve Vai, and Quincy Jones, who manages Jacob to this day. Jacob’s debut album, In My Room, crafted entirely in his room at home, went on to win two GRAMMY’s. His success has led to musical collaborators and fans including the likes of Coldplay, Ty Dolla $ign, Tori Kelly, Daniel Caesar, H.E.R., Charlie Puth, Kehlani, Jessie Reyez and Finneas (to name a few).In January of 2018, Jacob began designing and creating a recording project on an unprecedented scale – a quadruple album called DJESSE: 50 songs, divided between four volumes, with each operating within a separate musical universe of sound, style and genre. Scattered across the four volumes are 30+ collaborators from across every facet of the music world. Djesse Volumes 1 & 2 both have earned him a GRAMMY each, affirming that Jacob has never lost a Grammy in a category he’s been nominated in.”

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  3. Inhabit Your Wilderness-hood and making something of it

    A novel take on the Torah being given through fire and water and wilderness too.

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  4. Ending Learned Helplessness

    Learned helplessness is one of the side effects of toxic relationships. There are many side effects and this is one of the most paralyzing. In this video, I’m going to talk about what is learned helplessness, what it might look like in your life, and what it has to do with your self-esteem. Stay tuned until then end when I give you 5 tips to end the learned helplessness!

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  5. The Future of College: Jonathan Haidt

    The Future of College: A Jewish Townhall is a summer series from the Tikvah Fund, a platform for deep discussion about the most important issues facing the American university, and how they relate to the Jewish community. Please register for our events at

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  6. Some Countries Have Brought New Cases Down To Nearly Zero. How Did They Do It?

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  7. Future of Health: Business Impacts

    Please join for a special Providence live event on both Facebook and LinkedIn, featuring Rod Hochman, Entrepreneur Mark Cuban, and OZY CEO Carlos Watson. The three will be talking about business and the future of healthcare; trends, technologies, COVID-19 impacts, and more. After their discussion they will be hosting a realtime Q&A.

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  8. Kyle Meredith With… Steven Page of Barenaked Ladies by Kyle Meredith With… • A podcast on Anchor

    Barenaked Ladies singer-songwriter Steven Page gives Kyle Meredith a call to discuss his new single "Isolation", in addition to Here’s What it Takes, the musical he’s been working on for the past seven years that was about to open right before the global pandemic. He also dives into his history of theatrical writing, recently teaming up with Broadway stars for an online collaboration, and performing a show with his own son. Page also talks about the success of his home shows over Zoom, and says he has an album’s worth of songs that could hopefully see the light of day sooner than later.


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  9. Ahmed Best and Mary Holland Talk Jedi Temple Challenge, And We Celebrate The Empire Strikes Back!

    This month on The Star Wars Show, we check out the brand new trailer for Star Wars: Jedi Temple Challenge and Anthony chats with Ahmed Best and Mary Holland about stepping into their new roles. Plus, E.K. Johnston stops by to chat about her upcoming book Queen’s Peril.

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  10. Principles of Effectuation

    This Video gives the summary of "Principles of Effectuation". The original author is Prof. Saras Sarasvathy, Darden University.

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