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  1. Antikriegswaffe Bewusstsein - Andreas Winter

    Wie können wir Krieg am besten verhindern? Auf diese Frage hat Andreas Winter nurt eine Antwort: "Nicht mit Krieg". Die beste Antikriegswaffe sei unser aller Bewusstsein. Denn nur durch eine neue Einstellung zur Realität und ein Bewusstwerden der eigenen Erwartungshaltungen, können wir unser Stresslevel so weit absenken, dass kriegerische Auseinandersetzungen weniger notwendig erscheinen.

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  2. Joseph Smith: “A Choice Seer” | Neal A. Maxwell, Mar 1986

    Elder Neal A. Maxwell bears powerful testimony of the choice seer Joseph Smith and his role in revealing essential truth about our Savior Jesus Christ.

    This devotional was given on March 30, 1986.

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    I am aware that my wise and gentle friend Elder David B. Haight spoke about the Prophet Joseph a month ago. Please bear with me, therefore, as I seek to place the spotlight on the Seer in yet a different way on this Easter Sunday, during which our rejoicing is made more resplendent by the revelations and translations concerning Jesus that came to us through Joseph.

    My appreciation is expressed to President Jeffrey Holland, Dean Robert Matthews, Professors Hugh Nibley,…

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  3. 59 - Songs By People Who Aren’t Famous For Music

    What does Ryan Gosling think of the 2017 revamp of the Tower of Terror ride at Disneyland to be Guardians of the Galaxy themed? We’re on a quest to find out!

    Songs Featured This Episode: -Pep Talk, by Bruce Willis -In The Room Where You Sleep, by Dead Man’s Bones -Blood Sandwich, by Aesop Rock


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  4. Frosty w/guest Morgan Rhodes — Celsius Drop (12.13.18)

    Each week dublab co-founder Frosty guides you through an exploration of the vast Future Roots music spectrum on Celsius Drop. Tune-in to reach those outer realms.

    This time around, LA-based radio presenter and music supervisor Morgan Rhodes joined Frosty on-air for a guest DJ set highlighting 1979, the year her sonic world first blossomed.

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  5. Laurie Anderson discusses her album “Big Science” with Studs Terkel

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  6. The Anxiety Summit 5: Gut-Brain Axis - Trudy Scott - Collagen Can Cause Anxiety and Insomnia

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    Acute tryptophan depletion lowers serotonin

    Are you susceptible to serotonin-lowering effects?

    Oxalates, glutamates, arginine, glyphosate and histamine

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  7. The Anxiety Summit 5: Gut-Brain Axis - Todd Watts - Pyroluria, Oxidative Stress and Parasites

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    Impact of oxidative stress and parasites

    GAD enzymes, heme, radium, lead and lab markers

    Drainage, binders and mimosa pudica seed

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  8. NPR 100: Set The Night On Fire: Behind The Doors’ ‘Light My Fire’

    The Doors’ 1967 single "Light My Fire" is one of the NPR 100, our list of the most significant American musical works of the last century. Guy Raz has the story.

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  9. NPR’s American Anthems Series: ‘Don’t Stop Believin” Goes On And On, Because We Need It To

    Thirty-eight years after it debuted on the album Escape, "Don’t Stop Believin’" is the go-to anthem for perseverance that has itself persevered, successfully riding wave after new wave of media. Though born in the era of rock radio and cassette mixtapes, the song found its real glory at the dawn of binge TV and the smartphone, and it has woven its way into weddings, bar mitzvahs, graduations, the 2005 World Series, The Sopranos and Glee.

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  10. The Anxiety Summit 5: Gut-Brain Axis -Pete Evans - Eat, Play, Connect

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    Food can be your medicine

    Finding joy, playing and earthing in the ocean

    Mealtimes with family, listening and being grateful

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