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  1. Ninth Grade Trip Return Ritual

    Viewing our bodies as separate from our minds can make us feel like hell. This month, we will practice integrating our bodies into who we are and how we worship. Music, transition rituals, ability-sensitive movement, and more. Join us to feel more integrated and whole!

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  2. #307: Make Your Bed, Change the World

    My guest today is retired Navy Admiral William McRaven, author of "Make Your Bed."

    Today on the show, Admiral McRaven and I discuss why something as simple as making your bed every day can lay the foundation for success in every aspect of your life, how a parachuting accident taught him an important lesson on avoiding self-pity and learning to rely on the help of others, and why rolling in the sand as a SEAL trainee taught him how to become more resilient to the whims of life. We end our conversation by talking about how a leader can remain hopeful and share that hope with his team when all seems hopeless, and what you have to do to avoid "ringing the bell."

    This podcast will leave you fired up to make your bed, and become a better man.

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  3. EP#267 - Pokalhype | Eintracht Frankfurt Podcast

    Wir sind 200% im Pokalhype angekommen. Warum zum Geier ist das noch so lange hin bis Samstag? EINTRACHT!!!

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  4. William Ramsey on new Aleister Crowley book “Children of the Beast”

    This is a segment from the Ed Opperman show:

    See my site’s section on William Ramsey:

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  5. Why Every School Should Have an Operations Director

    Jon Schwartz ran Operations and Finance at leading public charter school network Achievement First. He built the corp of School Operations Directors that took hundred of tasks off of principals’ plates, letting school leaders focus on students and teachers. Hear his advice for other school systems thinking about putting an Ops Director in every school.

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  6. The Sync Book | Always Record # 172: Beyond the Pale King Kill with Jasun Horsley (01.08.2017)

    FREE01.08.17 Always Record 172 | Beyond the Pale King Kill w/ Jasun HorsleyThe BizARro crew welcomes Jasun Horsley back to Always Record to discuss his recent article series "Vicious Circles & Angry Squares." From there the conversation wades into the dark waters of Pizzagate & social engineering, the balkanization of communities, trauma culture, and psychic fragmentation, among many other topics.

    Jasun is the author of the Auticulture blog, host of The Liminalist podcast, and contributed to Sync Book Vol2. He has also written many books, such as Seen & Not Seen: Confessions of a Movie Autist and The Lucid View (as Aeolus Kephas). Links to his work can be found below.

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  7. TED Radio Hour: FRIDAY, MAY 26, 2017 - Wired For Altruism

    Helping others feels good, but why do some go farther than others? This hour, TED speakers explore ideas about altruism — what motivates us to be altruistic, what limits us and do we ever go too far.

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  8. Aleister Crowley, Secret Agent 666 Spooks, Spies & Sorcery, Dr. Richard B Spence

    Must have heard of Aleister Crowley. But did you know he was British Intelligence? How much influence did the infamous Mr Crowley have with Global Leaders, the Occult, Entertainment, Politics & War? Over 2 hour jam packed session with Dr Richard B. Spence

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  9. Arrêt sur images | Hanouna : “Un système à produire des séquences homophobes” - Arrêt sur images

    La critique média en toute indépendance. Enquêtes et chroniques chaque jour, émission hebdomadaire présentée par Daniel Schneidermann.

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  10. temple former glory

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