October 21st, 2016 – October 28th, 2016

  1. TTA

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  2. Incompatible

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  3. Mac Power Users #346: Casey Liss: App Programer - Relay FM

    Casey Liss returns to MPU to talk about his new gig, how his Mac and iOS workflows have changed, gear for geek parents and how he uses his Synology NAS

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  4. Schneier on internet probing attacks

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  5. The Web Platform Podcast : 111 Extensible Web Components

    A weekly show that dives deep into all things web from the developers building the platform today.

    Jeremy Keith (@adactio), web guru & co-founder of ClearLeft, talks with us about the potential pitfalls and hopes on Progressive Enhancement with Web Components.

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  6. Studs’s Interview with Buster Keaton Studs Terkel Radio Archive Blog

    This interview with Buster Keaton, discussing everything from, Charlie Chaplin, to television, to some of the pitfalls of pratfalls.

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  7. Nerdcore - Westworld S01E03

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  8. The New York Times is buying The Wirecutter for more than $30 million - Recode

    Brian Lam sells his online consumer guide to the paper of record.

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  9. Full monologue: Donald Trump roasts Hillary Clinton at Al Smith charity dinner

    Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump roasted his rival Hillary Clinton during the Alfred E. Smith charity dinner. Trump joked about the "nasty woman" comment he made during the debate, Clinton’s experience, Wikileaks and emails. Trump was boo…

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  10. Studs’s Interview with Buster Keaton

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