October 6th, 2019 – October 13th, 2019

  1. Iphone 11 Pro

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  2. Gordon Hempton — Silence and the Presence of Everything - The On Being Project

    The acoustic ecologist on collecting sounds around the world and why silence is an endangered species on the verge of extinction.


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  3. Open Source and Power with Matt Mullenweg

    Rework is a podcast by the makers of Basecamp about a better way to work and run your business. While the prevailing narrative around successful entrepreneurship tells you to scale fast and raise money, we think there’s a better way. We’ll take you behind the scenes at Basecamp with co-founders Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson and bring you stories from business owners who have embraced bootstrapping, staying small, and growing slow.


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  4. Herunterladen

    Es ist die meistverkaufte Hörspiel-Serie der Welt. Zum 40. Geburtstag der drei Fragezeichen fragen wir uns: Was fasziniert so viele an den Abenteuern von Justus, Peter und Bob? Und wir schauen bei den Machern hinter die Kulissen.


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  5. The rise and fall of French cuisine – podcast | News | The Guardian

    French food was the envy of the world – before it became trapped by its own history. Can a new school of traditionalists revive its glories?


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  6. How to quickly get out of a rut

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    Here’s some description stuff to help the rankings: This video is about how to get out of a rut, how to get out of ruts quickly, and not necessarily how to cure depression, as depression is potentially a more serious issue, depending on your situation…. It’s a Better Ideas video, and my name is Joey Schweitzer.

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  7. Alain de Botton on Emotional Education

    Emotional Education is at the core of what we need to lead a fulfilled life - and is what The School of Life teaches online and in physical branches around the world. In this film, founder of The School, Alain de Botton discusses what emotional education is - and why we so badly need it. He also introduces the School’s new book, AN EMOTIONAL EDUCATION, available here: https://bit.ly/2mBpDN5

    This lecture was recorded at the Cliveden Literary Festival on the 28th of September, 2019. For more on this festival, see here: http://clivedenliteraryfestival.org/

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  8. Jeff Atwood on Discourse, Stack Overflow, and Building Online Community Platforms - Jono Bacon

    Jeff Atwood comes on Conversations With Bacon to unpick how online communitiy platforms work, such as Discourse and Stack Overflow.


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  9. Sprechkabine S03E20

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  10. Casual Friday: Benjamin Dixon & Tim Heidecker - MR Live - 10/11/19

    On today’s show: Trump says Somalis have ruined communities, promises crackdown on refugees and immigrants.

    Benjamin Dixon (@BenjaminPDixon), host of the Benjamin Dixon Show, joins us to break down the news. Support for impeachment is rising among voters and the Democratic Party establishment is finally on board. What does it mean for strategy going forward? Trump abandons the Kurds in Syria; US and Russia veto UN Security Council’s statement on Turkey’s invasion of Syria.

    Comedian and filmmaker Tim Heidecker (@timheidecker) joins us to discuss his forthcoming movie, ‘Mister America.’ In this absurdist political mockumentary, Heidecker plays a bumbling failson who narrowly escapes a murder charge stemming from his EDM festival, then runs to unseat the San Bernadino county DA who tried to put him in prison. Sam then takes a walk down memory lane and plays the high concept trailer for his 1997 film, “Who’s the Caboose?”

    On the fun half: Rand Paul gets laughed at on “The View” when discussing economic inequality. Ben Shapiro rails against public schools teaching about gay rights. Bernie addresses our healthcare system, taking on everybody in ‘History Is On Our Side’ Instagram video. Durbin questions Neomi Rao, Trump’s pick for DC circuit court, on her past writings about race. PG&E blackout map. Trump says he’s not corrupt like Biden because he doesn’t care about money, and “no one has ever heard the word emoluments before.” Trump attacks Ilhan Omar as 9-11 minimizer, anti-Semite. Plus, your calls and IMs!

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ehmDsJ5pCc8

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