July 9th, 2019 – July 16th, 2019

  1. Make Do #35: Merlin Mann and Vulnerability - Relay FM

    We get a visit from Merlin Mann, and talk about - well, a lot of stuff. What to call yourself, tall poppy syndrome, and micro-creativity.


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  2. The Superhuman Brouhaha With Mike Davidson - Techmeme Ride Home

    Remember the whole Superhuman kerfuffle of the last week or so? Mike Davidson wrote a blog post calling out some shady stuff in the Superhuman email product, all of silicon valley debated it, Superhuman walked things back a bit, and actually, I didn’t mention this, but Mike had a second post about this, which was even more in depth an eloquent than the first one. So, I reached out to Mike to talk about this whole thing, not because I wanted to re-litigate it, but because I wanted to poke at… well, what I said last week… what does this whole debate say about the discourse in tech at the moment?


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  3. Finale: Supertop & Friends - Supertop Podcast

    In the finale of the Supertop Podcast we discuss Pádraig leaving Castro and look back over 7 years of Supertop, with a little help from our friends.


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  4. The Talk Show: ‘A Bit Too Thin’, With Special Guest Ben Thompson

    Special guest Ben Thompson returns to the show to talk about Jony Ive’s departure from Apple.

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  5. Gaulands Einfluss schwindet - Die AfD rutscht weiter nach rechts ab

    Die AfD radikalisiere sich inhaltlich immer mehr, analysiert Nadine Lindner. Das zeige sich daran, dass der sogenannte "Flügel" von Björn Höcke immer mehr an Einfluss gewinne. Wenn CDU-Politiker über Koalitionen mit der AfD nachdenken, sollte ihnen das Abgleiten der Partei nach rechts klar sein.


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  6. Upgrade #253: Steal The Ball - Relay FM

    Guest Marco Arment joins Jason and Myke to discuss the possibility of new Apple laptop keyboards at last, his Overcast priorities over the next year, and the future of podcasting. Plus: Jony Ive cold takes, streaming-video wars, and cappuccino.


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  7. 36 Seonds That Changed Everything

    Shelly Brisbin: iOS Accessibility

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  8. Micro Monday - Episode 66: Pratik, aka @pratik

    This week’s guest just returned from Yellowstone National Park with some amazing photographs. Pratik talks about his approach to taking photos while on vacation. We also talk about blogging in a post-Facebook existence. And we go on a tangent about Star Trek fandom, and learn that Pratik can’t do the Vulcan “Live Long and Prosper” salute.


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  9. Rich and Mike’s The Rise of Skywalker Predictions Video

    A little late to the game? NO! We’ve got until December to pointlessly speculate on the last of the "Skywalker saga" films!!! Mike has a crazy plot prediction and Rich has some ideas on how Palpatine can come back. Enjoy, friends!!

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  10. Perhaps Ben Shapiro Shouldn’t Be Taken Seriously By Anyone About Anything - SOME MORE NEWS

    Is Ben Shapiro a liar or just lazy and dumb? The answer may definitely not surprise you!

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aDMjgOYOcDw

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