August 21st, 2016 – August 28th, 2016

  1. Jan Böhmermann: Lukas Podolski, #VeraFake, Schmähgedicht, POL1Z1STENS0HN uvm (Interview) | RoozWorld

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  2. Upgrade #103: Significant Figures - Relay FM

    Special guest Merlin Mann joins Jason to talk about reviews, ratings, using numbers to quantify the unquantifiable, when it’s appropriate to show grown-up media to kids, and a whole lot more.

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  3. Jan Böhmermann: Erdogan, AFD, RTL, Polizei, Bushido, Fler, Rap, Pokémon Go uvm. (Interview) #waslos



    Die Ein-Mann-Armee Rooz hat Jan Böhmermann überrascht. Von wegen Großfamilie, Rooz macht alles alleine! Naja, fast. Der Plan für die roozige ääh rosige Zukunft steht auch: Falls er sich irgendwann mal eine eigene Firma gönnt, werden dort nur Models arbeiten. So weit, so Rooz.

    Aber auch Böhmi, der Bad Boy der TV-Landschaft, darf in der neuen Folge #waslos zu Wort kommen. Der begeisterte Aktionär, Sohn eines Polizisten und ehemalige Schöffe vor Gericht hat sich selten so privat gezeigt und offenbart, was ihm auf der Seele brennt. So dreht sich das Gespräch um Zivilcourage, Erziehung und Gewalt gegen Kinder, Geld, Tattoo-Verbote für seine Mitarbeiter, Rapper wie Fler oder Bushido, seine Abneigung gegen Pokémon Go und vieles mehr.

    Außerdem thematisieren die beiden justizielle Gerechtigkeit und den Sinn der Polizei. Um Böhmi – aus dem Kontext entrissen – zu zitieren: "Das Milieu ist das Gleiche: Bullen und Verbrecher kommen aus der selben Ecke, die haben nur andere Entscheidungen getroffen!"

    In diesem Interview steckt viel Brisanz und jede Menge heißer Themen!

    Der zweite Teil erscheint übrigens…

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  4. Canvas #17: 2Do with Ben Brooks - Relay FM

    This week Fraser talks with Ben Brooks about the third major task manager on iOS, 2Do.

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  5. RD 33

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  6. Presentable #7: Why Don’t Style Guides Ever Work? - Relay FM

    Special guest Stanley Wood joins the program to talk about scaling design in fast growing companies.

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  7. Free Agents #3: My Curse and My Reward, with Myke Hurley - Relay FM

    Myke Hurley, co-founder of Relay FM, discusses transitioning from his bank job to a full-time podcaster, including the inherent contradictions in working a dream job that never lets you take a vacation.

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  8. Too Hot For Radio Episode 1: Stephen King “Batman and Robin Have an Altercation”

    In our first episode, actor Stephen Lang reads, “Batman and Robin Have an Altercation”, a -shall we say- intense story about family, love, and dying by Stephen King (yes, THAT Stephen King, need we say more?). Host Aparna Nancherla talks to Stu Tinker, a Stephen King superfan fromKing’s hometown of Bangor, Maine (get ready for that accent!). For nearly 20 years he’s been giving tours the spots that have inspired so many of author’s stories.

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  9. 103: CraftCMS - CodePen Blog

    Show Description

    This is part 3 in a mini-series where we talk with other businesses that, like us, make money off the web.

    We’re chatting with Brandon Kelly and Brad Bell from Pixel and Tonic, the company behind CraftCMS. CraftCMS is a powerful CMS for building a bring-your-own-HTML website. We talk about things like the challenges of marketing a CMS targeting at designers and developers, pricing a CMS when there’s lots of "free" CMS’s out there, a la carte pricing, and iterating a pricing model.

    Show Sponsor: Media Temple 31:40

    Did you know that you can get Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosting through Media Temple? You can! Why would you? AWS delivers many layers of availability not available from a traditional hosting model. For example, AWS offers Auto Scaling Groups bring new instances online in real time as your traffic/workload grows and AWS’s high-availability architecture puts your infra in multiple data centers so you aren’t stuck up a creek without a paddle if one goes offline. Sound complicated? It kinda is. Fortunately Media Temple offers white-glove support for all this, including sophisticated tooling, like managing your integrations through Slack.

    Show Links

    Part 1 of our mini-series talking to other businesses: #101 - Sparkbox

    Part 2: #102 - BuySellAds

    Pixel and Tonic

    Craft CMS

    Craft Pricing

    Craft Commerce

    Craft Feature Requests

    Yii Framework

    Straight Up Craft

    Stack Exchange

    Craft on Twitter

    Craft on Facebook


    Installing Craft on Mijingo

    Craft on Stack Exchange


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  10. BSi: How Fasting and Exercise is Good for Your Brain

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    How Fasting and Exercise is Good for Your Brain Mark Mattson, Ph.D.

    Professor, Department of Neuroscience

    Senior Investigator, NIH

    Chief, Laboratory of Neurosciences, NIH

    Chief, Cellular and Molecular Neurosciences Section, NIH

    The current research findings concerning the impact of eating on brain health, particularly the evidence that long-standing obesity and diabetes are detrimental to the brain during aging, and animal studies show that moderate and intermittent fasting can protect brain cells in experimental models relevant to Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases, and stroke. Research also shows that the structural and neurochemical changes that occur in the brain in response to dietary energy excess/diabetes and intermittent fasting that may explain, at least in part, how eating affects brain health and susceptibility to disease. 

    Learn more about Dr. Mattson


    Additional Information:

    Read "Energy Intake and Exercise as Determinants of Brain Health and Vulnerability to Injury and Disease" and article on

    NIH’s National Institute on Aging: Cellular and Molecular Neurosciences Section


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