May 20th, 2020 – May 27th, 2020

  1. 68 Ways to Be Better at Life (Ep. 419) - Freakonomics Freakonomics

    The accidental futurist Kevin Kelly on why enthusiasm beats intelligence, how to really listen, and why the solution to bad technology is more technology.


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  2. Professor Sunetra Gupta: the epidemic is on its way out

    Read the accompanying article on UnHerd: https://unherd.com/2020/05/oxford-doubles-down-sunetra-gupta-interview/

    We spoke to Sunetra Gupta, Professor of Theoretical Epidemiology at the University of Oxford and head of the team that released a study in March which speculated that as much as 50% of the population may already have been infected and the true Infection Fatality Rate could be as low as 0.1%.

    In her first major interview since the Oxford study was published, she goes further by arguing that Covid-19 has already passed through the population and is now on its way out. She said:

    On antibodies: • Many of the antibody tests are “extremely unreliable” • They do not indicate the true level of exposure or level of immunity • “Different countries have had different lockdown policies, and yet what we’ve observed is almost a uniform pattern of behaviour” • “Much of the driving force was due to the build-up of immunity”

    On IFR: • “Infection Fatality Rate is less than 1 in 1000 and probably closer to 1 in 10,000.” • That would be somewhere between 0.1% and 0.01%

    On lockdown policy: • Referring to the Imperial model: “Should we act on a possible worst case scenario, given the costs of lockdown? It seems to me that given that the costs of lockdown are mounting that case is becoming …

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  3. Interview mit Christian Drosten

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  4. Ada Palmer on Pandemics, Progress, History, Teleology and the Singularity

    The problem with teleological narratives is that they make us ignore the fact that change is often made by people who didn’t intend that change to happen…


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    HighWire’s Gone Viral; #Top10 Reasons Del’s not on Team Corona-Phobia; Del Debates Alan Dershowitz on a ‘Mandatory #Covid Vaccination’.

    #TheHighWire #Top10 #CoronaPhobia #DelvsDersh #DershowitzDebate #Covid19 #Coronavirus

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  6. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 285, With Special Guest Ben Thompson

    The Talk Show

    ‘Fahrenheit Truthers’, With Special Guest Ben Thompson

    Friday, 22 May 2020

    Ben Thompson returns to the show and there’s no sports talk because there’s no sports. Instead: temperature scales, Joe Rogan and Spotify, and Dithering.

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    Ben at Stratechery: “Dithering and Open Versus Free.”

    Me at DF: “Dithering” and “More on Dithering”.

    Me at Macworld back in 2010: “It’s the heaviness of the Mac that allows iOS to remain light.”

    This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.


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  7. Code Break 9.0: Events with Macklemore & Scott Forstall

    Wednesday 5/20 10am PST/1pm EST

    Macklemore, Grammy-Award winning rapper and songwriter, and Scott Forstall, Tony-Award winning Broadway producer and co-inventor of iPhone and iOS join Code.org co-founder Hadi Partovi and his daughter Sofia in the world’s largest live interactive classroom. In this Code Break, we’ll learn about events in coding, which are actions that cause something else to happen.

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  8. Science Movie Club: ‘Contact’

    Yes, there actually are astronomers looking for intelligent life in space. The 1997 film adaptation of Carl Sagan’s ‘Contact’ got a lot of things right … and a few things wrong. Radio astronomer Summer Ash, an education specialist with the National Radio Astronomy Observatory, breaks down the science in the film.


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  9. System Update with Glenn Greenwald - The Murderous History and Deceitful Function of the CIA

    On this week’s episode of System Update, Glenn Greenwald talks to journalist Vincent Bevins about his newly launched book, The Jakarta Method. The book examines the series of mass murder programs engineered by the CIA with the purported goal of fighting communism during the Cold War, and how the consequences of these programs shape the global order — and U.S. politics — to this day.

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  10. How the telegraph and the lightbulb can teach us to think critically about future inventions | CBC Radio

    In her new book, The Alchemy of Us: How Humans and Matter Transformed One Another, materials scientist and author Ainissa Ramirez chronicles eight life-changing inventions, and the inventors behind them.


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