July 18th, 2016 – July 25th, 2016

  1. B-Sides #22: I Love To Test: Pokémon Go - Relay FM

    This is a test episode of a new show called, ‘I Love To Test’, hosted by Adina Neamtu, Tiffany Arment and Myke Hurley. Listen to this opinionated trio discuss their thoughts after testing out Pokémon Go.

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  2. Clockwise #146: Marvel Has Killed Me - Relay FM

    Relay FM | Clockwise #146: Marvel Has Killed Me

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  3. Presentable #5: The Color Show - Relay FM

    Special guest Craig Hockenberry, bigwig at the IconFactory and creator of Twitterrific, joins the show to go deep on color.

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  4. Game Show | Low Definition: Hell Is Other People’s Words (Episode 41)

    More ridiculous definitions, both real and imagined. Plus, we’ll take your orders for some disgusting mixed drinks, and ponder a Slovenian proverb.

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  5. Mac Power Users #331: Stephen Hackett: Collector of Macs - Relay FM

    Mac user, collector, and … yes … YouTuber Stephen Hackett joins in to explain essential cloud-based services used to run the Relay Network, his growing collection of Macs, and his photo and video workflows.

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  6. Accidental Tech Podcast 179 (bootleg live recording)

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  7. Canvas #15: Task Management Part 1 - Relay FM

    This week Fraser and Federico take a pass at task management on iOS. This is another area of productivity where iOS is very well served for options.

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  8. ghawrfasdas

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  9. David Allen on Getting Things Done (GTD), Proactive VS Reactive, and The Power of Daily Review - Episode #64 - The Sales Blog

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  10. The Liminalist # 73: Stumbling into the Hard Problem (with Peter Watts) - AUTICULTURE Play in new window | Download (Duration: 1:05:37 — 60.1MB)Subscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS

    Part one of a return conversation with sci-fi author Peter Watts, on UFOs, being abducted, Michael Persinger’s helmet, magnetic fields, sleep paralysis, Prisoner of Infinity, abduction narratives and sexual abuse, Hynek and close encounters, a third party entity, creating a new religion, space culture, MKULTRA, screen memories, psychic fragmentations, brain and body sense, the sensed presence, multiple personality disorder, the parliament of voices, shattering I into we, ritual abuse and False Memory Syndrome’s disinformation campaign, suppressed memory, somatic memories and bodily symptoms, Whitley Strieber & the Nazi-US alliance, Operation Paperclip, Ewen Cameron and McGill, Elizabeth Loftus, false memories vs. objective reality, using satanic elements as cover to invalidate memories of abuse, organized pedophilia in the British aristocracy, the sunflower model of conspiracy, maximization of benefits, Plato & social engineering, cultural indoctrination, beyond conspiracy, investing in a UFO scam, space colonization & Star Wars, Stephen Hawkings, William Sims Bainbridge, Transhumanist beliefs, Ray Kurtzweil’s cherry-picking, stumbling into the hard problem, questions of consciousness, the need for a new physics, Kurtzweil’s security blanket, experiencing what’s unconscious, experience & affect, intelligence without consciousness, being aware of being aware.

    Peter Watt’s site.

    Prisoner of Infinity blog series.

    Songs:  “The Kommema and his Religion” by SunWalker; “Luvin Time” by The Every Thing.

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