January 29th, 2023 – February 5th, 2023

  1. Testimony: Jezebel/Narcissist w/ Split Personality

    Doug reads from a Reddit Story about a cheating wife who exhibits possession with the Jezebel Spirit and exhibits split personalities (one showing repentance and empathy, the other cruel, destructive and punishing), mind fragmentation/blocks, memory loss, etc. This is an excerpt from the first episode of the Friday Mashup Podcast that was live-streamed January 27, 2023.

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  2. Our thoughts on the OGL aftermath

    We wrap up our discussion on the OGL with the latest information, as well as explain the situation for those who are not up to date. We will be resuming our regular scheduled programming going forward.

    OGL Celebration Meme video - https://youtu.be/_LG1XTeLBJw

    TIME STAMPS 1:32 - Brief Overview of Events 2:59 - Explaining the OGL & SRD 5:56 - Creative Commons 8:20 - What this all means 12:04 - Personal Opinions 13:35 - A Message to WOTC 15:12 - A Message to Our Community

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