Acquisitions Inc. PAX East D&D Game 2014

When last we left our heroes, they had defeated one of the most terrible foes the Realms had ever seen, and carved out a little space in the city of Waterdeep that they could call their own. Now a new opportunity… err… adventure beckons! Word has reached the headquarters of Acquisitions Incorporated of some dragon eggs that are in great peril. Join ‘DM to the Stars’ Chris Perkins, Gabe (Mike Kraulik), Tycho (Jerry Holkins), Scott Kurtz and special guest star Morgan Webb as they guide Jim Darkmagic, Binwin Bronzebottom, Omin Dran and the newest intern Môrgæn through an unscripted Dungeons & Dragons adventure before a live audience.

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  1. Acquisitions Inc. PAX East D&D Game 2014

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