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  1. Ninth Step Station: The Faceless Body

    In a city divided by war, a Tokyo cop and a US peacekeeper are brought together by murder, missing guns, and politics way above their pay grades.


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  2. CM 046: Kevin Kelly On How Tech Shapes Our Future

    Do we shape tech or does it shape us? Turns out it is both. And that is just 1 of the 12 big ideas Kevin Kelly explores in his latest bestseller, The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological …


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  3. USA 2020 – Inizia la campagna elettorale dei Democratici

    La diretta su Instagram di venerdì 4 gennaio 2019.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NROSduurMKg
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  4. Megamix di fine anno – Not


    TSVI – «Jinn» Gaika – «Grip» XXX – «9 오디오 트랙» Freddie Gibbs ft. 03 Greedo – «Death Row» Tommy Genesis – «Bad Boy» Bruce – «It’l Pass» Walton ft. Riko Dan – «No Mercy» Demdike Stare – «Know Where to Start» Lechuga Zafiro – «Corazón Negro del Río de la Plata» Sheck Wes – «Gmail» Jlin – «Permutation» Brockhampton – «New Orleans» Kelman Duran – «Gravity Waves II» Tim Hecker – «Keyed Out» Low – «Disarray» Lorn – «L’Appel du Vide» Lotic – «Resilience» Objekt – «Runaway» Renick Bell – «Through Others’ Senses» Lil Yachty – «Get Dripped» Zuli ft. Abyusif – «Akhtuboot» Speranza – «Givova» Zora Jones & Sinjin Hawke – «And You Were One» Vessel – «Paplu Love that Moves the Sun» Yves Tumor – «Lifetime» Nozomu Matsumoto – «Climatotherapy» ===
    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/not_nero/megamix-di-fine-anno
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  5. In Depth Cory Doctorow, Aug 5 2018 | C-SPAN.org

    Our 2018 Fiction Edition of In Depth continues with author Cory Doctorow. Mr. Doctorow’s books include “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom,” "Little Brother," and, most recently, “Walkaway.”


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  6. Finding meaning as collapse approaches: dr. Jem Bendell


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  7. Living, Fighting, Autonomy: A Conversation on ‘Inhabit’ - It’s Going Down

    Cover photo from Cherán, Mexico, where inhabitants have expelled the Mexican State, political parties, and police in favor of an autonomous system of assemblies. We live in truly interesting and horrific times. Our age is marked by both large segments of the population having access to massive amounts of information, as well as a culture …


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  8. Kevin Kelly - Technium Unbound

    What comes after the Internet? What is bigger than the web? What will produce more wealth than all the startups to date? The answer is a planetary super-organism comprised of 4 billion mobile phones, 80 quintillion transistor chips, a million miles of fiber optic cables, and 6 billion human minds all wired together. The whole thing acts like a single organism, with its own behavior and character — but at a scale we have little experience with.

    This is more than just a metaphor. Kelly takes the idea of a global super-organism seriously by describing what we know about it so far, how it is growing, where its boundaries are, and what it will mean for us as individuals and collectively. Both the smallest one-person enterprises today, and the largest mega-corporations on Earth, will have to learn to how this Technium operates, and how to exploit it.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/longnow/technium-unbound
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  9. Kevin Kelly: Technium Unbound - The Long Now

    Holos Rising

    When Kevin Kelly looked up the definition of “superorganism” on Wikipedia, he found this: “A collection of agents which can act in concert to produce phenomena governed by the collective.”

    The source cited was Kevin Kelly, in his 01994 book, Out of Control.

    His 02014 perspective is that humanity has come to dwell in a superorganism of our own making on which our lives now depend.

    The technological numbers keep powering up and connecting with each other.

    Their aggregate is becoming formidable, rich with emergent behavior, and yet it is still so new to us that it remains unnamed and scarcely considered.

    Kelly clicked through some current tallies: one quintillion transistors; fifty-five trillion links; one hundred billion web clicks per day; one thousand communication satellites.

    Only a quarter of all the energy we use goes to humans; the rest drives Earth’s “very large machine.”

    Kelly calls it “the Technium” and spelled out what it is not.

    Not H.G. Wells’ “World Brain,” which was only a vision of what the Web now is.

    Not Teilhard de Chardin’s “Noosphere,” which was only humanity’s collective consciousness.

    Not “the Singularity,” which anticipates a technological event horizon that Kelly says will never occur as an event—”the Singularity will always be near.”

    The Technium may best be considered a new organism with which we are symbiotic, as we are symbiotic with the aggregate of Earth’s life, sometimes called “Gaia.”

    There are pace differences, with Gaia slow, humanity faster, and the Technium really fast.

    They are not replacing each other but building on each other, and the meta-organism of their combining is so far nameless.

    Kelly shrugged, “Call it ‘Holos.’

    Here are five frontiers I think that Holos implies for us…”

    1) Big math of “zillionics” —-beyond yotta (10 to the 24th) to, some say, “lotta” and “hella.”

    2) New economics of the massive one-big-market, capable of surprise flash crashes and imperceptible tectonic shifts.

    3) New biology of our superorganism with its own large phobias, compulsions, and oscillations.

    4) New minds, which will emerge from a proliferation of auto-enhancing AI’s that augment rather than replace human intelligence.


    New governance.

    One world government is inevitable.

    Some of it will be non-democratic—”I don’t get to vote who’s on the World Bank.“

    To deal with planet-scale issues like geoengineering and climate change, “we will have to work through the recursive dilemma of who decides who decides?”

    We have no rules for cyberwar yet.

    We have no backup to the Internet yet, and it needs an immune system.

    There is lots to work out, but lots to work it out with, and inventiveness abounds and converges.

    “We are,” Kelly said, “at just the beginning of the beginning.”

           —Stewart Brand


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  10. What Does Technology Want? | Radiolab | WNYC Studios


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