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  1. 172: With Tim Brown - ShopTalk

    Tim Brown is the Type Manager for Adobe Typekit. He joins us this week for a deep dive into web typography.

    We talked about (roughly in order):

    Q & A:

    26:44 I like the Georgia font a lot and have used it for a lot of my designs. Recently I moved to Linux and realized that this font is not shipped by default on Linux. What should I do? I tried to find a web font version of Georgia but didn’t. Maybe I should try to find a web font which looks just as good?

    31:02 If you had to build and support a site that caters to 90 languages, how would you go about figuring out what font stacks you would need for each language? After you figured out that daunting chore how would you implement it?

    38:44 I am having some frustrations with fonts. It seems like every time I load up a google font it doesn’t look crisp. I don’t know where else to go for web fonts and for some reason the idea of paying for fonts every month doesn’t sit well with me and I don’t want to try a service without knowing if its good or not. How would you recommend going about finding, selecting, and maybe buying fonts for the web?

    51:20 I have a small web typography tool where I list all of the fonts from the Google Fonts API. Currently, I have a dropdown menu, with each font listed by name, set in that typeface. So, the requirement is to have a dropdown where individual options can be styled.

    You cannot style native

    elements within a , so I’m currently using a jQuery Library called Chosen ( to produce a stylable drop down. It works by basically hijacking the

    element and replacing it with a bunch of s.

    In my next rev of this tool I’m looking to ditch jQuery altogether (as a learning experience), but am stumped about what to do with the drop downs.

    My question to you is: Are you aware of any way to style

    elements? Are you aware of any vanilla-JS methods of hijacking a

    menu (the way Chosen does)? Or, do you have any thoughts on how to approach this in a different way altogether? I’m also concerned with accessibility, so I’d like to keep that in mind.

    59:30 I remember when I first started learning web design, I took a class at the local community college. My professor said something that I found odd. We were talking about the

    tag, and including external stylesheets. He mentioned the “text/css” property, and that apparently the W3C foresaw stylesheets that weren’t created as text. I can’t imagine any other way, and I haven’t been able to find anything else about this. I was wondering if you guys might know what this is all about. My professor may’ve been misinformed, but why include the “type,” if there’s only one possible value?

    1:02:32 I want to use Typecast but you need one of these font accounts: (Font Deck, Google Web Fonts,, Typekit, Web Type) Which are your favorites?


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