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  1. Frontend Feud: ShopTalk vs Syntax with Chris & Dave vs Scott & Wes (JS Party #192) |> Changelog

    Your favorite web dev podcasts join forces for a super collab that’ll knock you frontend off! Amelia joins Chris Coyier and Dave Rupert from ShopTalk Show while Divya teams up with Wes Box & Scott Tolinski from Syntax. Let the FEUDing begin!

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  2. Ex Urbe Ad Astra Bonus Ep. 2: Manga for non-manga readers

    This will probably become a series of occasional bonus episodes in which Ada Palmer and Jo Walton discuss manga and anime with an eye to its innovations, cultural norms, and wider implications for the media landscape.

    • Gender and age marketing categories in manga.

    • Translation of Japanese onomatopoeia (sound-effect words).

    • The influence of organized communities of fandom on a medium.

    • A story-formula and set of character archetypes called "moe" (MO-ay).

    • Moe’s reliable merchandising profit, resulting in more moe.

    • Availability of manga on devices both broadening and narrowing market categories.

    And more!


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  3. Episode 9: Johnny “Ringo” McDonagh

    Johnny "Ringo" McDonagh is important. An innovator and a musician who always improves the sound whenever he plays. There is no rush during his chat with Eoin. As he opens up about his native Galway and the musicians he has played with, we realise we are in a way listening to a social history of more than half a century. Eoin and Adam, who records and mixes the conversations, are grateful for the support and the donations to the paypal account which allow this series keep going. Enjoy Ringo!!

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  4. The Folk Waffle: Strange

    We talk about all things STRANGE in this episode brought to by the members of Kern - Brendan McCreanor, Barry Kieran and Dylan Pearse along with support from An Táin Arts Centre. Our willing guests who get a grilling this time are Director of An Táin Arts Centre, Paul Hayes and world renowned Louth fiddler & singer Zoe Conway!

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  5. One man’s epic electric test drive – from Land’s End to John o’Groats – podcast | News | The Guardian

    With new petrol and diesel vehicles to be banned in the UK from 2030, what can a road trip the length of the UK teach us about the future of cars?

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  6. Lewis Dartnell at The Interval at Long Now | San Francisco

    Lewis Dartnell at The Interval: From the cultivation of the first crops to the founding of modern states, the human story is the story of environmental forces, from plate tectonics and climate change, to atmospheric circulation and ocean currents.

    Professor Lewis Dartnell will dive into the planet’s deep past, where history becomes science, to explore a web of connections that underwrites our modern world, and that can help us face the challenges of the future.

    Lewis Dartnell is a Professor of Science Communication at the University of Westminster. Before that, he completed his biology degree at the University of Oxford and his PhD at UCL, and then worked as the UK Space Agency research fellow at the University of Leicester, studying astrobiology and searching for signs of life on Mars. He has won several awards for his science writing and contributes to the Guardian, The Times, and New Scientist. He is also the author of three books. He lives in London, UK.

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  7. Episode 01 - Hugh Healy (Concertina)

    Our guest on this episode of the Tunes From Doolin Podcast is Hugh Healy, concertina player from Corofin, Co. Clare. Hugh just released his first solo album called “ceolaire” and we talk about his concertina journey, different aspects of his playing, the making of his new CD and the importance of listening.

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  8. Sevastopol - Emilio Fraia & Zoe Perry | The Libreria Podcast

    In this episode Libreria welcomes Brazilian writer and editor Emilio Fraia and translator Zoe Perry.

    Emilio has been selected by Granta magazine as one of the best Brazilian writers of his generation, and is the first Brazilian writer to be translated into English for the New Yorker magazine.

    Zoe Perry’s translation of Emilio’s Sevastopol has been published by Lolli Editions. Zoe’s translations of contemporary Portuguese-language writers have appeared in The New Yorker, Granta and Words Without Borders.

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  9. Chocpocalypse Now! Quarantine and the Future of Food - Gastropod

    Why do 75 billion bees get stopped in the dusty California desert every spring, and why does every single cacao plant that gets shipped around the world have to pass through one town in England? What are sentinel plots, and how are they protecting our wheat supply?

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