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  1. By The Way, In Conversation with Jeff Garlin: Amy Poehler

    Jeff could not believe that Amy Poehler existed the first time they met. Amy explains why the podcast is like the new student film, shares some of the cool questions her children ask her, and tells us what kind of advice the older version of herself would give her present self. It’s a delightful conversation filled with talk of writing, bar mitzvahs, and public nudity.

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  2. Here’s The Thing, Episode #38: Thom Yorke

    This week Alec sits down with Thom Yorke, the front man of Radiohead, who has a new album, Amok, with the music project Atoms for Peace. Even after over 25 years in the business, Yorke admits performing is “either wicked fun or really awful.” He talks with Alec about what he does before going on stage and how he and his bandmates have been able to stick together since they were teenagers.

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