SB DSA - Bernie / Warren Debate: feat. Meagan Day / David Atkins

Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren are making huge waves with voters in the 2020 election as Biden sags and other primary candidates struggle to break double-digits in polls. However, Bernie and Warren are grouped together so often in the media and on the debate stage that distinctions in the candidates’ histories, their theory of change, their bases, and their plans for the future have been relegated to the background.

On October 18th, Santa Barbara DSA hosted an evening to bring these contrasts to the foreground with a debate and community discussion open to all. Featuring Meagan Day, staff writer for Jacobin Magazine and organizer with East Bay DSA, and David Atkins, regular contributor at Washington Monthly and regional director for the Democratic Party in Santa Barbara.

Donations are appreciated to help cover the cost of the event.

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