Dealing with Unchangeable Circumstances ft. Sweet Anita

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Sweet Anita is a popular Twitch streamer with Tourette’s syndrome. Today she returns to discuss wanting platonic friendship, having good self-esteem, and men’s conflation between admiration and attraction. Be sure to check out Sweet Anita’s channel and thank her for coming on:

00:00:00 Group Coaching 00:03:08 Interview Start 00:03:37 Hair Loss and "Owning It" 00:07:36 Needing Platonic Friendship 00:34:47 Why People Are Attracted to Sweet_Anita 00:53:52 The Psychology of Close Relationships 01:08:26 Repetition Compulsion in Social Interactions, Demisexuality 01:26:41 How Much Influence We Have Over Others 01:47:00 How to Have Good Self-Esteem 02:12:20 Closing Thoughts

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