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  1. Get Clients Blueprint

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  2. The Weekly Review - 16: The Unbearable Lightness of OmniFocus Bankruptcy

    Recuperation and recommitting is the theme this week. Jean has been under the weather and James has been on an epic roadtrip to the Great White North on a family visit. How do you get yourself back on track when something knocks you off your routine? Can you renegotiate your commitments with yourself so you can move forward without guilt or stress? (Or can you at least get your Star Trek artwork framed so you can hang it in your office?)

    Lee Draws 365 Star Trek Scribbles

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  3. 4 Lessons Learned in 2018

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  4. Episode 19 - The Value of Discipline with Tim Dymmel

    Tim Dymmel is a business owner, CrossFit Games masters athlete, and a father of three. Tim has grown his business, CrossFit Palo Alto, from two clients training out of a garage in 2009 into a 6,000 square foot facility using a unique "appointment based" business model that has allowed him to offer personal training level service in a group class environment.  In addition to running his business, Tim decided in 2014 that he would make a run to qualify for the CrossFit Games in 2016. After missing the mark that year, he doubled down and has successfully qualified for the Games in 2017 and 2018.  In this episode, we talk to Tim about his business, his training for the CrossFit Games, and how important discipline has been in both of those journeys. Tim’s passion for helping his community is made clear as he describes how discipline has turned unto the backbone of the successful community he has built at CrossFit Palo Alto.  You can follow Tim Dymmel on Instagram @Dymmel.

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  5. iMore show 613: All The Things, with Werner Jainek | iMore

    The iMore show brings you everything you need to know about the week in iPhone, iPad, Watch, TV, Mac, and Apple! Lory Gil and Mikah Sargent are joined by Werner Jainek of Cultured Code to talk about Things — their task manager app for iOS and Mac. Werner shares plenty tips, tricks, and the thought process behind the software. Even if you don’t own it already, listen in because

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  6. How to Create a Purpose-Driven and Profitable Business That Feeds Your Soul

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  7. How I beat drug addiction and won the CrossFit Games ft. Michael Cazayoux - Brute Strength Training

    This week on the Brute Strength Podcast we decided to switch things up a bit. I will be the one in the hot seat being interviewed by the wonderful Adee Zukier (@adeezukier). In this episode I’ll be sharing a little bit more about myself, such as my life and family in New Roads, LA, how I overcame drug addiction, winning the CrossFit games, my morning routine, and life after CrossFit.

    My goal is to inspire as many people as possible and this episode is my chance to demonstrate how anyone can beat the struggles we’re all faced with in life. For me it was drug addiction, a back injury, and an overwhelming fear of failure. For those of you looking to make a drastic change in your life to better yourself, just know that ANYTHING is possible once you put your mind to it. In this episode I’ll be sharing a few things that have helped me along the way in hopes that it may also help you on your journey. Thanks for listening.

    Topics of discussion:

    [1:40] Growing up in New Roads, LA

    [3:30] Drug addiction

    [5:33] My rock bottom moment

    [9:27] Staying clean

    [11:25] How I found CrossFit

    [16:53] Winning the CrossFit Games

    [18:15] Dealing with Spondylolisthesis

    [23:25] Life after CrossFit

    [25:25] Going from Competing to Coaching

    [27:30] Taking a leap of faith

    [35:19] How I deal with the fear of failure

    [36:50] My morning routine

    [37:40] Meditation

    How to meditate – Sam Harris (YouTube)

    The HeadSpace App

    [38:38] How to start good habits

    [40:05] Book recommendation:

    “The Perfect Day Formula” – Craig Ballantyne

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  8. Brute Strength Podcast: Science of the 6-pack with Adee Zukier - Ep.18

    This week’s podcast interview is with my rockstar girlfriend Adee Zukier, founder, and CEO of Working Against Gravity. Adee has worked with Games athletes, World Team weightlifters, and Olympians, as well as thousands of other athletes. Men, women, young, old, overweight, underweight, etc. She’s seen it all. WAG has the most incredible transformations I’ve ever seen, and there are tons of them. So we talk about what it is that sets those people apart (the ones that have huge transformations). We talk about the most common mistakes people make and strategies for preventing them all. Sure I am biased, but Working Against Gravity has the potential to truly change the world with its approach. They don’t just focus on nutrition, but on helping people be happier in general. If you want more information about Adee and WAG go to For more about our programs, apparel, upcoming deals, and free programs subscribe to our newsletter! SUBSCRIBE to our YouTube channel here: Like us on Facebook -… Follow us on Instagram - @brUTE.Strength Follow us on Twitter - @brUTEstrength_

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  9. What is Brute, Michael Cazayoux: Origin Story - Brute Strength Training

    In this first episode of our ‘What is Brute’ podcast series, we’re going back to the very beginning. I’ll be diving into the start of it all — getting into how I met Matt Bruce and had a baby with him (Brute’s our baby), along with how we eventually started working with Chris Hinshaw.

    For the next six weeks, I’ll be speaking with each of our head coaches and getting a chance to pick their brains in an effort to fully understand and define, what is Brute. Enjoy the show.


    01:05 – “Bruce Barbell”

    03:45 – Meeting Chris Hinshaw

    06:15 – UTE-to-BRUTE

    07:50 – What is Brute?


    If you love this podcast please click HERE to leave me a review. It energizes me to keep doing these as well as pushes us higher in the rankings. Thank you all for the support.

    Follow us on Instagram @brute.strength.

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  10. Life Tips From CrossFit’s Director of Training & Certification - Brute Strength Training

    This week on the Brute Strength Podcast, I’m speaking with the CrossFit HQ Director of Training & Certification herself, Nicole Carroll. In this episode, we’re going back into the early days of CrossFit as Nicole describes some of her very first classes with Coach Glassman and what it was like giving up her dream of art to eventually become a major part of the CrossFit staff. We’ll be getting into the importance of quality and portion control in nutrition, as well as some of the cool ways CrossFit is fighting chronic disease.

    Hearing about the remarkable impact CrossFit can have on someone’s life was a very unique experience. Enjoy the show.


    02:30 – Forgoing the CrossFit Games

    06:30 – Balancing your career & training

    09:20 – “My first CrossFit class with Coach Glassman…”

    18:55 – Going from Art school to CrossFit

    24:55 – Combining the physical, emotional, and psychological

    30:17 – Trends in CrossFit programming

    36:20 – Nutrition & portion control

    39:30 – CrossFit & fighting disease

    50:20 – Leadership




    Man Search For Meaning – Frankl


    If you love this podcast please click HERE to leave me a review. It energizes me to keep doing these as well as pushes us higher in the rankings. Thank you all for the support.

    Follow us on Instagram @brute.strength.

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