Ryan Singer of Basecamp joins the Product Love podcast to talk about strategy, design and outcomes

Do our own experiences and biases work against us when we are building products?

I mean, we often start down a path based on our experiences and our owned learned biases. We often start with constraints, what we know how to build or what is convenient. It is rare we truly start from a blank slate.

This week on Product Love, I talked to the Head of Strategy at Basecamp, Ryan Singer, at their headquarters in Chicago.

What is powerful about Ryan and the team at basecamp is how they approach thinking about problems, answering the when’s and focusing on leading with design and getting to the outcomes customers desire.

Original video: https://soundcloud.com/productcraft/ryan-singer-of-basecamp-joins-the-product-love-podcast-to-talk-about-strategy-design-and-driving-the-right-outcomes
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