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  1. Episode 012: The Internet Rainforest | Exponent

    Great podcast guys!

    A couple of points regarding the idea of automation replacing people and its affects on the middle class:

    1) Jarod Lanier expressed quite similar thoughts (albeit a bit longwinded) in his book “Who owns the future?”.

    2) A lot of seemly trivial manual labour tasks are very difficult to automate. Dexterous unplanned or semi-planned manipulation of objects is still an active area of academic research and very far from solved. I don’t see a robotics platform that can help with general house cleaning, in a capacity like a maid or hired cleaner, any time soon. Sure, a Roomba can (kind of) clean the floor for you, but not as well as a human and requires humans to restructure environments, set up barriers, ensure IR visibility to a charging station, clear its dust repository etc.

    One way to think of this if you want to frame it in your terms is that there are a lot of seemingly mundane daily tasks that require a surprisingly large amount of creativity. Placing dishes into a dish washer is another example. We have the dishwasher appliance, which is a robot as it has sensors and acts based on its senses (water temperature, load, timers etc). But there isn’t a robot that can load the dishwasher for you apart from very trivial demos that are either pre-programmed or require all possible dishes to be modelled and placed in the sink so that they are easily sensed. This kind of demo requires a lot of manual labour to set up 🙂

    3) Somewhat related, there is also a lot of R&D in the human-robot interaction (HRI, kind of like HCI but with actuators). There are going to be many tasks that require both humans and robots to collaborate, at least in the next few decades. IMO, this will still reduce the number of human workers and lower the skill requirement of the workers; both of which will drive job numbers (or working time) down.

    Full disclosure: Part of my time is spent as an Associate Investigator in a Research Centre in Australia working on this kind of thing http://roboticvision.org/.

    4) Healthcare is very hard to automate. I work in a bionic eye (cortical implant) research centre and my limited experience with medical devices suggests that the rate at which medical tech. can be updated is going to be very slow. Much slower that what the tech. industry is used to. The amount of testing, especially for anything that interacts with humans in any physical manner (robots, implants, wearables) is very time consuming and onerous (as one would expect).

    This may not be as true in some markets, but a lot of the R&D is funded by and targeted at richer countries.

    This again meshes with what you two said about “creative” work. A robot or automated system can help with a lot of healthcare tasks or make them more efficient, but well trained human workers are still needed. This is true both in the “service” side of things (nurses, doctors etc) and the tech. development side of things (engineers, neuroscientists etc).

    More full disclosure: My other time is spent at Monash Vision Group, a small R&D centre developing a cortical visual prosthesis http://www.monash.edu.au/bioniceye/resources.html.

    Wai Ho


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  2. Don’t Be Good – Be Great — Against the Rules with Michael Lewis — Overcast


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  3. E1016 Substack CEO Chris Best empowers writers via email newsletter platform, raised $15M from a16z

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/twistartups/twist-e1016
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  4. Neurodiversities Symposium | Nick Sousanis: “Thinking In Comics”

    Nick Sousanis, comics creator and professor at San Francisco State University, facilitated an interactive workshop that explored how comics can enrich critical practice through visual thinking and how it can be used as a teaching tool in the classroom. Participants learned how to make comics and explore their own creativity! (No prior drawing experience was required.) The Health Humanities Lab at the John Hope Franklin Humanities Institute at Duke University held a two-day symposium to create conversation and gain a better understanding of the ideas behind the term NEURODIVERSITY. This term, first popularized by the autism community, challenges the pathologization of neurological deviation from socially constructed notions of “neurotypicality.” Another branch of “neurodiversity” discourse challenges the abstraction of the ideas of “mind” and “mental” states, using tools of empirical neuroscience to dismantle binary divides between “brainhood” and “embodiment.” Psychiatry now grapples with the implicit Western cultural “typicality” embedded in medical frameworks. In the humanities, the study and teaching of literature and the arts is experiencing revitalization through interrogation of traditional conceptions of cognition and consciousness, along with humanistic exploration of questions raised by neur…

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUri9p9EKCc
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  5. Chatting with Glue - Close reading / Analysis / Note Taking

    You can skip at least five minutes into it. Brilliant article by Max Krieger in the tools for thought space- how might we set up a chat interface that encourages thought?

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2&v=NMzr-qsv188&feature=emb_logo
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  6. 8: Idea Deep Dive – Stitch Fix Investment Thesis — Carolina Stories with Steve Vafier — Overcast


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  7. Jamie xx (2020)

    Jamie xx - idontpiano Philip Glass - The Grid Philip Glass - Koyaanisqatsi ID - Wherever You Go Sergio Mendes - Magalenha Pangaea - Like This DJ Technics - Party People Breaka - Get Your Sweat On Elliot Adamson - No Chill Koreless - Joy Squad ID - Smile Away Lutto Lento & John Glacier - Rome Peter Gabriel - Across The River Tom Ze - Complexo De Épico (JG Wilkes Edit) Aaaron - 2020 Souls Nature Boy - Real ID - ID Greg Cash - I Got Your Love Two Shell - ID Kelly Lee Owens - Melt! Vladimir Dubyshkin - Elvis Has Left the Building Carli - Lights & Strobes Mystic Force - Mystic Force ID - I Just Make Believe LaTour - People Are Still Having Sex Jamie xx - Idontknow Robert - Jockstrap Henry Rodrick - Don’t Believe Brother May & Mica Levi - Friday 13th ID - ID ID - How You Feeling That? Pearson Sound - Cobwebs Floating Points - Bias (Mayfield Depot Mix) ID - Breathe Jungle By Night - Spending Week (Oceanic Cornucopia Remix) Fela Kuti ft. Roy Ayres - 2000 Black’s Got To Be Free Kamasi Washington, Nubya Garcia, Yussef Dayes, Charley Stacey, Mansur Brown, Rocco Palladin & MC Outro Tic - Live Jam at 180 Strand

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  8. Coronomics XXXI - Rettungspakete, Europa, Banken, Startups

    Heute reden wir mit Danyal Bayaz (https://www.danyal.eu/ ), fuer die Gruenen im Bundestag, Mitglied des Finanzausschusses und Leiter des Wirtschaftsbeirates der Fraktion der Gruenen im BT. Danyal ist promovierter Finanzwirtschaftler und kennt sich besonders in der Startup Szene aus.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yAi2fay5HPA
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  9. Episode 95: Making Sense of the Markets with Byrne Hobart

    Byrne Hobart, CFA, joins us to talk about what is happening in capital markets during the corona virus crisis.

    Cohosted by Josiah Neeley of R Street Institute and Doug McCullough of Lone Star Policy Institute. Produced by Braden McCullough.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/urbanecowboys/episode-95-making-sense-of-the-markets-with-byrne-hobart
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  10. polymathic008_final-mp4


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