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  1. #53 - Be Wary of Solving a Small, Rare Problem - Des Traynor of Intercom

    Des Traynor is the cofounder of Intercom.Here’s his talk Product Strategy Means Saying No and the blog post.

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  2. Exchanges #188: Kurswechsel bei Rocket Internet und ProSiebenSat.1

    Wo geht die Reise hin für Rocket Internet und ProSiebenSat.1? Jochen Krisch und Marcel Weiß nehmen die jüngsten Capital Market Days zum Anlass und widmen sich in den Exchanges diesmal den neuen Strategien von Rocket & Co.


    ➔ 2 Tage voll Inspiration, Insights, Innovation
    ➔ Hochkarätige Speaker
    ➔ Leistungsorientierte Service Provider
    ➔ Vielfältige Networking Möglichkeiten und mehr

    Am 3. + 4. Juli 2018 in Berlin. Jetzt das Early-Bird-Ticket im Vorverkauf sichern!

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  3. CT #10 mit Tim Stracke, Geschäftsführer von Chrono24, dem führenden Online-Marktplatz für Luxusuhren

    Mit einem jährlichen Transaktionsvolumen von einer Milliarde Euro hat sich Chrono24 zum weltweit führenden Marktplatz für Luxusuhren entwickelt. Das in 2010 von Tim Stracke und Dirk Schwartz durch ein “Management Buy In” übernommene Unternehmen zieht täglich 350.000 potentielle gewerbliche wie auch private Käufer und Verkäufer aus über 100 Ländern auf seine Plattform. Im Podcast sprechen Sven und Tim unter anderem darüber, warum der Unternehmenskauf durch ein “Management Buy In” effizienter sein kann als die Neugründung, welche Rolle die Risikobereitschaft im Unternehmeralltag spielt und wie Luxusuhrenmarken sich dem digitalen Vertrieb annähern.

    Podcast Übersicht:

    Wo steht Chrono24 heute, wie ist Euer Geschäftsmodell aufgebaut und wie wird dieses monetarisiert? (ab 02:40)

    Wie gewährleistet Chrono24 die Echtheit der Zeitmesser und bietet dadurch seinen Kunden hinreichenden Käuferschutz? (ab 05:25)

    Vor welchen Herausforderungen steht die Digitalisierung des Luxusuhrenmarkts und welches Dilemma ergibt sich dabei für alt eingesessene Uhrenmarken? (ab 08:45)

    Welche Überlegungen standen hinter Eurem “Management Buy In” und welche Kennzahlen wurden für die Unternehmensbewertung herangezogen? (ab 17:40)

    Nach welchen Kriterien sollten Gründer ihre Investoren vor einer Beteiligung bewerten u…

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  4. “Vermögen ganzheitlich betrachten” -Interview mit Gerd Kommer

    In Folge 84 habe ich Dr. Gerd Kommer zu Gast. Als Autor von Bestsellern wie "Souverän investieren" gehört er zu den bekanntesten Köpfen.

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  5. Postmodernism: History and Diagnosis….

    On August 17, I spoke with Dr. Stephen Hicks (), professor in the philosophy department at Rockford University. Dr. Hicks is the author of the influential and courageous 2004 book Explaining Postmodernism: Skepticism and Socialism from Rousseau to Foucault, which is perhaps even more relevant and important now than it was when it was published.

    We spoke in depth about the history of philosophy as it has developed since medieval times, trying to understand and describe the processes that led to the rise of postmodern theory.

    The book itself can be purchased here at Amazon: . Dr. Hicks has also made it available in pdf form here: . A useful review/overview, written by Dr. Steven Sanders, can be found here: . An audiobook also exists, and can be found here:

    Why is this all relevant? Because our culture finds itself currently embroiled in a war of ideas, and those ideas must be understood.

    Links relevant to my other work:

    Patreon: Self Authoring: Jordan Peterson Website: Podcast: … Reading List: htt…

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  6. MongoDB CMO Meagen Eisenberg On Building Specific Nurture Programs Based on Buyer Persona (podcast)

    Today’s interview is with Andy Johns, who was on the user growth team for Facebook, Twitter and Quora. He was recently an Entrepreneur in residence at Greylock Ventures and just joined Wealthfront‘s user growth team. There aren’t many people that are privileged enough to have worked on the growth team for massive businesses like Facebook so we’re very fortunate to have Andy join us.

    Click here for show notes. Leave some feedback:

    What should I talk about next? Who should I interview? Please let me know on Twitter or in the comments below. Did you enjoy this episode? If so, leave a short review here. Subscribe to Growth Everywhere on iTunes. Get the non-iTunes RSS feed

    Connect with Eric Siu:

    Growth Everywhere Single Grain Twitter @ericosiu

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  7. Baidu’s COO, Qi Lu Discusses AI with Daniel Gross

    At our Global Growth Conference Daniel Gross interviewed Qi Lu about artificial intelligence.

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  8. Bill Macaitis - Former CMO at Slack - $Billion Dollar Marketing Strategies

    Slack is the fastest growing software application of all time. We’ve all seen the incredible hockey-stick growth curve and know that it was the quickest company in history to reach Unicorn status. But what we don’t know is, how did it actually happen?

    To answer that question I caught up with Bill Macaitis, Slack’s first marketing hire & CMO, to hear the story of what happened behind the scenes of Slack’s phenomenal growth. In this episode Bill also shares his thoughts, wisdom and learnings on all things marketing including:

    • How Bill handled his first 100 days as CMO of Slack
    • The role of customer centricity in marketing and Slack’s hypergrowth
    • How Slack built its brand strategy and how to measure the performance of a brand marketing campaign
    • The role of content marketing as a growth driver
    • How to develop your marketing strategy when going upmarket from the SMB to the mid-market and enterprise sectors
    • The key factors, from a marketing perspective, that enabled Bill to build multiple billion dollar unicorns

    Slack >> Zendesk >> Follow Bill on Twitter >>

    The Growth Hub >> Advance B2B >> The Growth Hub on Twit…

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  9. #46 - Tencent’s Chief eXploration Officer, David Wallerstein on WeChat, QQ, and Gaming

    David Wallerstein is Tencent’s Chief eXploration Officer.Anu Hariharan is a Partner at YC.

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  10. Side hustle time management - with Matt Ragland

    A chat about how to fit in a side project alongside a full time job (and a family) and stay productive with my friend and workmate Matt Ragland.

    Subscribe to Matt for vlogs about side hustles and doing great work:

    Watch our video on Matt’s channel about keeping a side hustle on the side:

    As the name suggests, working a full time job takes up most of your time. So how do you fit in other things you want to work on? Side projects you want to create? Things you want to learn? And if you have a family, like Matt does, the time available for these things is even less. In this video we discuss how we manage our time to fit in the things we want to do and work towards our goals.

    In the comments, tell me about your side hustle! What do you work on on the side? Or if you haven’t started one yet, what ideas do you have that you want to be working on?

    (side note, we’re running a FREE course soon at ConvertKit about how to get a side business up and running. you should join it! )



    My videos no longer have pre-roll ads because I think ads are annoying. That means you don’t have to sit through ads, and it also means I don’t ear…

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