Oral History of Kenneth Kocienda and Richard Williamson, part 1

Interviewed by Hansen Hsu and Marc Weber, on 2017-10-12 in Mountain View, CA X8367.2018 © Computer History Museum

Richard Williamson great up in Stafford, England, and moved to Arizona at age 11, when his father moved to the Honeywell mainframe factory in Phoenix. While at Swarthmore College studying the philosophy of language, he met Steve Jobs and joined NeXT, working on the Digital Librarian, the NeXT laser printer, and after graduation, the abortive NeXT RISC Workstation project, the AppKit and Foundation frameworks, the end-user environment and applications that shipped with NeXTSTEP. After leaving NeXT in 1994, Williamson co-founded InfoScape, which developed development tools for Java, and then worked as CTO at Resonate, a company which focused on internet server load balancing, before joining Apple.

Ken Kocienda grew up on Long Island, New York in a Polish family, studied art history at Yale, pursued an MFA in fine art photography, and then discovered the World Wide Web in the early 1990s, and spent a number of years creating websites and writing Java, before joining Andy Herzfeld’s startup Eazel. After Eazel’s demise, Kocienda was one of a number of Eazel employees that joined Apple.

In June of 2001, a few months after the initial version of Mac OS X 10.0 ships, Sc…

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