The Productivity Project

Why Chris took a year out of his life to experiment with productivity The problem of “productivity porn” How Chris defines productivity Why you need to move beyond productivity as time management Why having a “why” is the most important step in becoming productive How to measure productivity in the knowledge economy Why busyness is the same as laziness How to figure out what’s truly important to work on How to manage the stuff you can’t delegate or eliminate Why you need to implement a Maintenance Day into your week Why you need a messy room to be more creative Why multi-tasking is your biggest productivity killer The Rule of Three ritual you should do at the start of every day How to beat procrastination Why you need to make friends with your future self How to figure out when your energy prime time is Why you don’t have to be an early riser to be a success Why you may have to change your approach to productivity as your life changes How to manage your attention


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