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  1. boxman / James Box

    I bought a plastic bag. The bottom fell out.

  2. clagnut / Richard Rutter

    Found tunes given away by bands and labels. Indie, alt-country and the like. Also typography podcast…

  3. hickensian / Jon Hicks

    Graphic designer for print and new-fangled media, based in Oxfordshire. These are my found sounds……

  4. andybudd / Andy Budd

    I run a small design consultancy in Brighton with a few of my friends. I really enjoy my work as it …

  5. merlinmann / hotdogsladies

    I’m Merlin, and I make my living at sea, catching wild dolphin fish and tracking the elusive “Sa…

  6. takete / Nicklas Persson

    Trying to Be a Gentleman

  7. fntnhrl / Fintan Hurl

  8. stuartgibson / Stuart Gibson

  9. xz / Robert Stringer

  10. kevinpacheco / Kevin Pacheco

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