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  1. Charles Babbage and broadcasting the sea

    The noisy Victorian world annoyed the mathematician, philosopher and inventor Charles Babbage, who came up with the idea of a programmable computer. He wrote letters complaining about it and a pamphlet which explored ideas about whether the sea could record its own sound, had a memory and could broadcast sound. New Generation Thinker Joan Passey, from the University of Bristol, sets these ideas alongside the work done by engineers cabling the sea-bed to allow communication via telegraph and Rudyard Kipling's images of these "sea monsters."


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  2. Sharon Shannon: Musician

    Second half of a conversation with Sharon Shannon covering all manners of things, most of which centre around Galway including performing for ‘The Hostage’ by Brendan Behan in the Druid Theatre in Galway and beyond, Alec Finn, Frankie Gavin, Seán Smyth, The Quays, Brendan Regan, Kevin Hough, composing, Steve Earle, Gerry Hanley, life in Doolin, life in Cork, Páraic Mac Donnchadha, Andrew McNamara, The Tulla Céilí Band, sessions in Tigh Neachtain's, the difference in sessions in Doolin and Galway, Arcady, The Waterboys, her daily routine at home, her manager John Dunford, The Purty Loft, Dún Laoghaire, Mike Scott, BP Fallon, her favourite cities in the world (apart from Galway), the excesses on the road, the success of Galway Girl, Director James Clenaghan and her work with him, Top Dog Gaffo video, O’Connors pub in Doolin, driving through Salthill as a kid, favourite place in Galway, Bruce Du Ve, Tom Giblin, her sister Mary and her brother Garry, her tribute to Gerard ‘Gerry’ Mulholland (Jarír al-Majar) as well as other topics.


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  3. Sharon Shannon: Musician

    First half of a conversation with Sharon Shannon covering her early life on the farm, life in Doolin, Susan O'Neill, how to control eight dogs, Marina Fiddler and Madra, why she makes music, competitive showjumping, being shy as a kid, being vegan, window shopping in her own home, being an ambassador for Madra, resetting herself when at home, learning how to perform, the difference in playing in sessions and playing on stage, life on the road vs. life at home, developing the skills of talking in public, the respect Sharon receives, B/C vs C#/D accordions, her first accordion, music classes in Corofin, what music inspires her currently, Tommy Peoples, Matt Molloy, De Dannan, Stockton’s Wing, Donal Lunny, The Bothy Band, Donegal Fiddlers, Donegal fiddlers vs Clare fiddlers, Altan, fiddle weeks in Glencolumbkille, the recording process, recording with a click track, meeting famous people and being starstruck, her top three favourite performances, megastardom, Seamus Begley, her favourite memory of Sinéad O’Connor and her son Shane, watching Finbar Furey, the times when The Beatles were alone, the times when U2 were alone and other topics.


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  4. OH!2023 Keynote by Anil Dash

    Anil Dash's keynote video from Oh the Humanity!

    Anil Dash leads the team behind Glitch, the friendly developer community where coders have collaborated to create and share millions of web apps, serving as CEO of Glitch until its acquisition by Fastly. Honored by the Webby Awards with its lifetime achievement award in 2022, Dash is recognized as a leading advocate for more humane, inclusive and ethical technology through his work as an entrepreneur, activist and writer.

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9wbRUW57sc
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  5. The Exciting, Perilous Journey Toward AGI | Ilya Sutskever | TED

    Just weeks before the management shakeup at OpenAI rocked Silicon Valley and made international news, the company's cofounder and chief scientist Ilya Sutskever explored the transformative potential of artificial general intelligence (AGI), highlighting how it could surpass human intelligence and profoundly transform every aspect of life. Hear his take on the promises and perils of AGI — and his optimistic case for how unprecedented collaboration will ensure its safe and beneficial development. (Recorded October 17, 2023)

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    TED's videos…

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  6. WebGPU and Browser Ideologies - Off The Main Thread

    How do GPUs even work? And are browsers like political parties?

    In this episode, Surma talks about the “GPU” in “WebGPU” and how this new web standard makes programming for the GPU more accessible. Jake talks about how different browsers approach standards and their perceived ideologies around what they prioritize.


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