Why Didn’t Pownce Trounce Twitter? – with Leah Culver

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  1. I DID NOT Want to Talk about THIS! | Tiege Hanley VLOG 233

    Aaron discusses his experience being interviewed by Andrew Warner of Mixergy. ——- LINKS MENTIONED Supply Drop - http://tiege.com/233supplydrop "How to Remove Acne Scars" video - https://youtu.be/LwrLMkvwm10 Mixergy Podcast - https://mixergy.com Alibaba - https://www.alibaba.com ——- Want to give Tiege Hanley a try? Learn more and claim your offer at http://tiege.com/ytvlog233 ——- VIDEO SUMMARY 01:12 A Little Bit About Andrew Warner Andrew Warner is a successful entrepreneur who founded, scaled and sold an online greeting card business in his early twenties. After selling his business, he founded a new company named Mixergy. Mixergy interviews other entrepreneurs about their successes and failures as well as offers courses for aspiring entrepreneurs. Andrew is known for asking some really hard questions about business and finance.

    03:12 Aaron Thought He was Ready…but… The interview went a direction Aaron was not expecting. Andrew asked Aaron about his abusive stepfather, a topic Aaron really wasn’t prepared to talk about. The situation made Aaron uncomfortable.

    04:32 Blocking Out Memories Aaron admits he can’t really remember his abusive stepfather because he’s blocked out the majority of that period of his life. He never talks about it, but Andrew really pressed him on it, even though he coul…

    Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MROtEyE-cqY
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  2. net@night 191: Convore

    Oscars court Internet age with success?, Facebook re-writes privacy policy, Leah Culver talks Convore, and more.

    Guest: Leah Culver, founder of Convore

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  3. Track Changes: Breaker breaker! Leah Culver on starting up a new podcast platform

    Changing the podcast user experience: with Paul away, Rich is joined by Postlight’s new partner, Gina Trapani, for a conversation with developer Leah Culver. They discuss her career trajectory, from embracing computer science in college to moving Silicon Valley to founding startups Pownce and Convore to becoming an engineer at Dropbox. They then discuss her newest venture, Breaker, an “end-to-end podcast company,” and the podcast space in general, from the fractured digital spaces for podcast listeners to Apple’s recent announcement to share user data with creators.


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  4. The Biography Of Wordpress – With Matt Mullenweg

    Millions of blogs — including Mixergy.com — run on WordPress. So I invited the entrepreneur behind this insanely successful software, Matt Mullenweg, to do an interview about how WordPress went from idea to a growing business.

    I organized this interview like a biography, so you'll hear how it all started at an economics summer camp, how Matt figured out the revenue model for the business, how he evangelized his product to bloggers, how he figured out what new features his customers wanted, and more.


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