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I’m a web designer. I like to talk about food (aka chocolate) and web standards. I blog at http://webdesignernotebook.com

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  1. Roger Black on Web Type and Templates

    Jeffrey and Dan talk with the legendary Robert Black about web type, design templates, screen resolution, web publishing, responsive design, and more.

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  2. Designing the Future of The New York Times

    What will the nation’s newspaper of record look like in the coming years? Learn about the continuing efforts of old media to reinvent its look, its feel and its mission.

    • Tom Bodkin, The New York Times
    • Khoi Vinh, The New York Times

    From http://www.sxsw.com/node/1503

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  3. The future of wayfinding

    We’ve got pretty good at helping people find their way through today’s digital world. Information architecture, taking cues from physical architecture, has built a toolkit of wayfinding aids including menus, breadcrumbs, signage. But things are about to get a lot more interesting.

    Talk given by Cennydd Bowles.

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  4. Good Design/Bad Design: Why pizza flyers are the best graphic design there is.

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  5. TWiT 228: The TWiT of the Decade

    Hosts: Leo Laporte, Kevin Rose, Robert Scoble


    @alexlindsay on Video on the Web @bobbyllew on YouTube @danegolden on Googlization of everything @danpatterson on shorter distance between people, other people, and information @catherine_hall on Freedom to work from anywhere @chrismarquardt on Cinema quality video in Digital SLRs @DonMcAllister on RSS @drkiki on Large Hadron Collider @heathr on Democratization of media @iEchuu on HD-DVD story on Digg @klandwehr on iPhone and App store @macsfuture on Apple goes from has-been to kingmaker @malventano on Solid state @marcpelletier on Life-extending medicine @martinsargent on Webvan and Peapod @merlyn on Moore’s Law still works @notpatrick on Net Neutrality @patricknorton on Moore’s Law applies to everything @ScottBourne on Digital Photography @shwood on Y2K @sirjimbo on Leo-Arrington controversy @techAU on HD

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    @mccannt on iPhone @Arenlor on Podcasting @danstuntz on iTunes @thegizwiz on Slingbox @JackYZhang on HD-DVD vs. Blu-ray @GrendelKhan on iPhone @silnan on User-generated content @reldnahcire on Digital content distribution @MarkHunterOrr on iPhone developer community @dhowell on The two-way web @BagelTechNews on Dotcom bubble burst @elliot on Email, cell phones, and more @LeifAndersen on Ubuntu Linux @janafarman on Wireless technology improvements @swordedge on Hard drive advancements @ernieattorney on RSS @David_Ford on Internet Video … and Steve Wozniak on the Mars rover We end the year, and decade, with a look at the most important stories of the 2000s.

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  6. Why Didn’t Pownce Trounce Twitter? – with Leah Culver

    We talked about more than Pownce and Twitter in this interview. Leah Culver is a developer who launched many projects. Pownce was just the highest profile of them. I asked her about it because I’m insanely curious about why it didn’t crush Twitter.

    Here’s what I saw from the outside. In March 2007, when Pownce launched, Twitter didn’t have much of a head start. It only had about 250,000 members, and Twitter’s site was still unstable and often inaccessible. So Pownce launched at a good time. Plus it offered more features. Plus it had a real revenue plan with its premium accounts. Plus it was backed by Kevin Rose a Web celebrity with geek cred. Why didn’t it win?


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  7. Oooh, That’s Clever! (Unnatural Experiments in Web Design)

    Find inspiration in the ridiculous. See technological quirks as opportunities. Try something previously unheard of with your site design. Laugh in the face of convention. Use and abuse CSS in ways never before imagined. Get away with it. And if it doesn’t work, try something else instead.

    Paul Annett, Clearleft Ltd

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  8. Great Work Interview - Merlin Mann


    How the present is a “remedial course for the future” – and the pros and cons of those ‘creation myth’ stories of where people find clues for their Great Work The importance of an open heart and just where that might lead you The connection between productivity and creativity The two levels of prioritization (and how freeing it is to know that) And quite a bit more

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  9. Design for the Wisdom of Crowds

    People are often dumb, so how can crowds be wise? James Surowiecki laid the groundwork in his book, "The Wisdom of Crowds." In this solo presentation, Derek Powazek will apply those ideas to the web, concentrating on how to design websites that empower people to work together to create something truly awesome.

    Derek Powazek Grand Poo-Bah, Powazek Productions

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