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  1. Episode 3 - Mark Richards on the Evolution of Software Architecture

    My guest today is my good friend Mark Richards. Mark is an independent hands-on software architect, with 20 of his 30 years of experience in the industry playing some type of architecture role on a myriad of different software projects. He is the author of several books including Java Message Service, 2nd Edition, and is featured in the book 97 Things Every Software Architect Should Know. In addition to that he is a frequent speaker on the conference circuit (which is how we met), and gives various extremely popular software architecture trainings around the world.

    In this episode we discuss his keynote from the O’Reilly Software Architecture Conference in London, which took place in October 2016.

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  2. What college students do and don’t know about free software — GNU MediaGoblin

    What college students do and don’t know about free software Gina Likins, Matt Bernius

    Given the rapid growth of free software, it seems reasonable that free software communities might expect undergraduate students in computer science or software engineering programs would graduate with an understanding of free software and the ability to make project contributions. However, many students are not being taught core tools and concepts such as licenses, version control, and issue trackers as part of their degree program. This presentation will summarize the results of recent field research on the state of undergraduate education about free software; discuss the gap between undergraduate computing education and community expectations; and explore both the reasons for the gap and approaches to bridging it.

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  3. Episode 110: Roles in Software Engineering I | Software Engineering Radio

    This is the first part of a two part topic on roles in software engineering. Michael and Markus discuss role definitions in an corporate environment. For several typical roles we give hints on the expected skills, knowledge, and mindset. In this episode we discuss the roles junior developer, senior developer, and software architect.

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  4. Heresies in Free Software - what do the next 20 years look like?

    It’s been 20 years since the Debian Free Software Guidelines were published as part of the Social Contract. In that time, free software has spread further than we could ever have imagined - everything from cars to watches are now dependent upon free software for at least part of their functionality. But in that time we’ve also seen huge shifts in how software is used and how it’s written, with people both becoming more dependent on remote services and on income related to free software development work. People now depend on free software to keep them safe from abusive governments, partners or parents, but have we become any better at designing and writing systems that ensure that their safety is preserved? And even though we’ve pioneered open discussion of diversity issues, why is free software still overwhelmingly produced by white men?

    This talk is intended to challenge the status quo, to encourage us to revisit some of our preconceptions about what’s important about free software and what’s incidental, and to start a discussion on what the next 20 years of free software development and community growth should look like.

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  5. Software Craftsmanship with Bob Martin | Software Engineering Radio

    This episode is a conversation with “Uncle Bob” Bob Martin about agile software development and software craftsmanship specifically. We talk about the history of the term, the reasons for coming up with it some of the practices and the relationship to other agile approaches. We conclude our discussion with an outlook on some of todays new and hyped programming languages.


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  6. John C Maxwell - The Rewards of Being Intentional

    ★☆★A Must Watch For All Leaders★☆★ John Maxwell shares a powerful teaching on how to live a life of Intentionality and the rewards of being intentional!

    John C Maxwell - The Rewards of Being Intentional John C Maxwell - The Rewards of Being Intentional John C Maxwell - The Rewards of Being Intentional John C Maxwell - The Rewards of Being Intentional



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