274 RR Fearless Salary Negotiation with Josh Doody | Devchat.tv

Rails Remote Conference

1:25 Introducing Josh Doody


Fearless Salary Negotiation by Josh Doody

Take his (free!) crash course in getting promotions

2:50 – Making salary negotiations when you’re your own boss

4:22 – Asking an employer to “give where it hurts”

6:20- Minimum Acceptable Salary / B.A.T. N. A.

10:45 – Leaving a new job for a better offer

13:47 – Job happiness versus job salary

15:55 – Contracting

The Freelancers’ Show

18:55 – Renegotiating and peace of mind

21:00 – Researching the company

28:00 – Answering salary-based interview questions

33:20- Negotiating for a job you really want

35:00 – Common fears to negotiating

10 reasons you should NOT negotiate your salary

42:10 – Countering an offer (in writing)

48:55 – Negotiating with benefits and vacation

51:50 – Scripting a conversation

55:05 – Bantering with an employer

1:03:00 – Salaries higher than market value

1:06:00 – Negotiating with no work experience


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