America Rethinks China: A Conversation with Jiayang Fan and Kaiser Kuo

U.S.-China Relations is about much more than government policy. The relationship involves each nation’s ideas about itself, the other, and their roles in a changing world. Calls for whole-of-government or whole-of-society involvement in the relationship recognize that communities, educational and professional institutions, corporations, and the arts will benefit from healthy relations and suffer if the relationship is understood or managed poorly. “Bad China” and “Hegemonic America” narratives increasingly drive discussions of the relationship in Washington and Beijing. Where do these “whole-of-society” impressions come from, and what are their implications for the superpowers?

The Kissinger Institute on China and the United States is delighted to host Jiayang Fan, who has examined rural Chinese e-commerce and interviewed pop stars-turned protest leaders, and Kaiser Kuo, who co-hosts the Sinica podcast that has covered topics ranging from Washington’s China debates and state-science intersections.

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