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  1. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 238, With Special Guest Jason Snell

    The Talk Show

    ‘Fort Jason Sudeikis’, With Special Guest Jason Snell

    Monday, 24 December 2018

    Special guest Jason Snell returns to the show. Topics include BBEdit’s 25th anniversary, the saga of Word 6 for Mac in the 1990s, Mac iOS user interface differences (including an extensive discussion of Mojave’s craptacular “Marzipan” apps, and a few varying theories on what those apps portend), Photos on Mac and iOS, and, of course, keyboards.

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    Take Control of Photos by Jason Snell.

    Jason’s current keyboard: the Vortex Race 3.

    Apple hardware SVP Dan Riccio on reports of bent iPad Pros.

    Studio Neat’s Canopy case/iPad stand for Apple’s Magic Keyboard.

    Fintie Carry Case for Apple Magic Keyboard.

    Jason’s favorite iPad stand.

    John’s favorite iPad stand.

    Microsoft’s Rick Schaut on the saga of Word 6 for Mac.

    My recent take on the Word 6 saga, in the context of the rise of Electron apps.

    Federico Viticci’s top iOS apps of the year.

    HomeBridge — open source utility for connecting non-HomeKit devices to HomeKit.

    This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.


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  2. Song Exploder | Episode 18: The Thermals

    Hutch Harris of The Thermals breaks down the 4-track cassette recording of the song "No Culture Icons."



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  3. Analog(ue) #136: I Don’t Like Time Off - Relay FM

    Casey is joined by Stephen Hackett to discuss the start of indie life and how it evolves over the years before doing some #RelayYourFeels.


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  4. Waypoint Radio 170

    Among ‘Octopath Traveler,’ ‘Captain Toad,’ and ‘Hollow Knight,’ we have our hands full.


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  5. Axe of the Blood God Reviews Octopath Traveler! | USgamer

    AXE OF THE BLOOD GOD | GameXplain’s Derrick Bitner joins Kat and Nadia to review Octopath Traveler on our RPG podcast.


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  6. Analog(ue) #135: Still Not Close Enough - Relay FM

    WWDC experiences, Casey edges closer to funemployment, and Myke gives the final wedding update.


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  7. Analog(ue) #134: Running Toward a Better Future - Relay FM

    We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming for an important announcement.


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  8. The Talk Show ✪: Ep. 223, Live From WWDC 2018 With Greg Joswiak and Mike Rockwell

    The Talk Show

    Live From WWDC 2018 With Greg Joswiak and Mike Rockwell

    Tuesday, 5 June 2018

    Recorded in front of a live audience at The California Theatre in San Jose, John Gruber is joined by Greg Joswiak and Mike Rockwell to discuss the news from WWDC: ARKit 2, the new USDZ file format, iOS 12, MacOS 10.14 “Mojave”, UIKit apps on MacOS, and more.

    Full transcript of this episode, by Serenity Caldwell.


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    Instabug: In-app feedback and bug reporting for mobile apps.

    MacStadium: Enterprise class hosting for Macs.

    Microsoft: Build intelligent iOS apps that scale.


    Apple’s WWDC 2018 keynote.

    This episode of The Talk Show was edited by Caleb Sexton.


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  9. Joe McAdam The Last Thing I Need - Bonus Don Harris’ Love Story

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  10. Joe McAdam The Last Thing I Need - Bonus Episode Flamingo

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