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  1. CAFE Insider 09/26: Ukraine & Brazen Power - CAFE

    If you’d like to start listening from where you left off, go to 14:55. Preet …


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  2. #537: How to Think Like a Roman Emperor

    Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius was one of the last Stoic philosophers and today is arguably the best known. Thanks to his personal writings that eventually became "Meditations," Marcus left us with concrete exercises to put Stoicism into action.

    My guest today explores this Stoic tradition and connects it with modern psychotherapy in his book "How to Think Like a Roman Emperor: The Stoic Philosophy of Marcus Aurelius." His name is Donald Robertson, and he’s a Scottish philosopher and cognitive psychotherapist. We begin our conversation discussing the history of Stoicism and the overlooked beliefs the Stoics had. We then discuss the end goal of Stoicism and how it differed from other ancient philosophies like Aristotelian virtue ethics. Donald then explains the Stoic approach to emotions and the common misconceptions people have about Stoicism in that regard. We then dig into Stoic practices taken from Marcus Aurelius and discuss how modern cognitive psychology backs them up. Donald shares how the Stoics used language and daily meditations to manage their emotional life, and how they went about the psychology of goal-setting and dealing with success and failure.

    Get the show notes at aom.is/marcus.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/artofmanliness/537-how-to-think-like-a-roman-emperor
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  3. BBC Radio 4 - A History of Ideas, Catharine Edwards on Seneca and facing death.

    Only humans know they will die. Catharine Edwards on the Stoic philosopher Seneca


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  4. BBC Radio 4 - In Our Time, Stoicism

    Melvyn Bragg explore Stoicism, the most influential philosophy in the Ancient World.


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  5. Podcast: Interoperability and Privacy: Squaring the Circle | Cory Doctorow’s craphound.com

    Even if we do manage to impose interoperability on Facebook in ways that allow for meaningful competition, in the absence of robust anti-monopoly rules, the ecosystem that grows up around that new standard is likely to view everything that’s not a standard interoperable component as a competitive advantage, something that no competitor should be allowed to make incursions upon, on pain of a lawsuit for violating terms of service or infringing a patent or reverse-engineering a copyright lock or even more nebulous claims like “tortious interference with contract.”

    In other words, the risk of trusting competition to an interoperability mandate is that it will create a new ecosystem where everything that’s not forbidden is mandatory, freezing in place the current situation, in which Facebook and the other giants dominate and new entrants are faced with onerous compliance burdens that make it more difficult to start a new service, and limit those new services to interoperating in ways that are carefully designed to prevent any kind of competitive challenge.

    Standards should be the floor on interoperability, but adversarial interoperability should be the ceiling. Adversarial interoperability takes place when a new company designs a product or service that works with another company’s existing products or services, without seeking permission to do so.



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  6. In Physics, Mathematical Beauty May Be Overrated

    Physicists are still trying to prove decades-old theories. One theorist argues for why the best answers may not come until scientists embrace messier math.



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  7. Doug Lemov on Reading - Econlib

    Doug Lemov of Uncommon School and co-author of Reading Reconsidered talks with EconTalk host Russ Roberts about reading. Lemov makes the case for the educational importance of critical reading of challenging books and texts. Along the way, he gives listeners some ideas of how to read themselves and gives parents some ideas for how to …


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  8. How Tracking And Selling Our Data Became A Business Model | On Point

    There are new calls for tech companies to stop selling your location to third parties. We’ll look at the economics and perils of "surveillance capitalism."


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  9. Episode 256: Understanding Ultralearning with Scott H. Young - Productivityist

    On this episode of the podcast, I’m joined by fellow Canadian and author of the book Ultralearning: Master Hard Skills, Outsmart the Competition and Accelerate Your Career, Scott H. Young.



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  10. Peter Kaufman on the Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Thinking

    A talk by Peter Kaufman on the Mulit-Disciplinary Approach to Thinking. Hosted by the Cal Poly Pomona Economics Club on March 29th, 2018.

    Mr. Kaufman does not normally allow his talks to be on the record, but is making a rare exception in this case. He believes the message within this talk – that it is possible to succeed in business, yet fail in life – is critical for anyone interested in living a full, meaningful life, with minimal regret in later years. He hopes that “going positive and going first”, “win/win”, and “going far by going together” are ideas that aspiring money managers will take to heart in their own lives.

    Link to Full Transcript: http://latticeworkinvesting.com/2018/04/06/peter-kaufman-on-the-multidisciplinary-approach-to-thinking/

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