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  1. What if women built the internet?

    <p>All the things we love on the internet — from websites that give us information to services that connect us — are made stronger when their creators …


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  2. Listen | Wisconsin Public Radio

    Wisconsin Public Radio features in-depth news from WPR’s seven bureaus and NPR, entertainment programs, classical music and discussions on the Ideas Network.


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  3. Getting stuck: The midlife mess - The Philosopher’s Zone - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Your midlife crisis: it’s more than you think.


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  4. “A Philosophical Look at the Midlife Crisis” with guest Kieran Setiya – IPPL

    The phrase “midlife crisis” has become a clichéd joke. It inspires images of men with sports cars and trophy wives. Yet, however much we make fun of it, there is a lot of evidence to show that it, or something like it, exists for many men and women., What does a midlife crisis look like…


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  5. How to Cope With a Mid-Career Crisis

    Kieran Setiya, a philosophy professor at MIT, says many people experience a mid-career crisis. Some have regrets about paths not taken or serious professional missteps; others feel a sense of boredom or futility in their ongoing streams of work. The answer isn’t always to find a new job or lobby for a promotion. Motivated by his own crisis, Setiya started looking for ways to cope and discovered several strategies that can help all of us shift our perspective on our careers and get out of the slump without jumping ship.


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  6. Broccoli and Ice Cream: Episode 55: Gary Gulman and the Frozen Iceball Theory

    Gary Gulman is a fantastic comedian, writer, human, friend, and more. Watch all of his specials. Listen to all of his albums and other podcast appearances. He is thoughtful and kind, creative and insightful, compassionate and hilarious. See the Great Depresh Tour coming soon in 2019. See him on Conan this week (or if you’re looking at this later, watch it on the internet forever). Watch, listen, enjoy, share, love, behold. Thanks for being here! And giving me the opportunity to say "behold." It’s fun. (Hope it’s fun to behold as well.)


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  7. SE-Radio Episode 357: Adam Barr on Code Quality : Software Engineering Radio

    SE-Radio Episode 357: Adam Barr on Code Quality

    Filed in Episodes

    by SE-Radio

    on February 20, 2019


    Adam Barr, author of Why Smart Engineers Write Bad Code talks about code quality.  Felienne spoke with Barr about how developers learn to program on their own while they are in high-school; how that influences their thinking about code quality; what code quality is, how is can (or cannot) be measured and whether some programming languages are more prone to bad code. Programming education in universities is also addressed; what should students learn to prepare for the workforce? Optimization in relation to code quality, and how current developments like the cloud and GitHub influence code quality. The discussion continues with a discussion on standardization. Why does our profession lack a professional certificate like doctors and engineers have, and what would it entail to create one.

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    An overview of research on naming

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    What’s in a Name? A Study of Identifiers

    Guest Twitter: https://twitter.com/AdamDavidBarr

    Guest email: adamba@frontier.com

    http://traffic.libsyn.com/seradio/SE-Radio-Episode-357-Adam-Barr-on-Code-Quality.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS


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  8. Bernie Sanders On the Media and Everything Else | WNYC | New York Public Radio, Podcasts, Live Streaming Radio, News

    "Who is the leader of the American working class today? Nobody knows", says Sanders.


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  9. Epictetus 1

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  10. Epictetus 2

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