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  1. Multifactor Authentication

    Leo and I discuss the theory and practice of multifactor authentication which uses combinations of "something you know," "something you have," and "something you are" to provide stronger remote authentication than traditional, unreliable single-factor username and password authentication.

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  2. It all started with Lance chasing Jonathan Vaughters through a parking lot…

    Writer, publisher and endurance sports impresario Bob Babbitt probably knows more people in the world of endurance sports than anyone. He used to live with mountain bike legend Ned Overend in San Diego, and together they trained for the 1981 Ironman by doing laps in their apartment complex’s 15-meter pool. Babbitt did that Ironman–and rode the bike leg wearing shorts with a belt. He went on to found Competitor magazine, the beginning of the Competitor Group empire that now runs a host of publications like VeloNews and Triathlete as well as events including the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon series. So in late February, 2012 I was stoked to go on his weekly radio show, The Competitors, to talk about Argyle Armada.

    After kicking off the show with a clip from an interview where Jonathan Vaughters describes being chased around a parking lot after he dissed a young triathlete turned cyclist called Lance Armstrong, we dive into Vansummeren’s win at Roubaix, how Hushovd fit with the team, what Dan Martin represents for cycling, Vaughters’ goal to change the business of cycling, and whether a year with the Garmin team leaves me feeling more optimistic about the future of pro cycling. And there’s a lot more here, too. Give it a listen!

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  3. Strangers in the Mirror

    Oliver Sacks, the famous neuroscientist and author, can't recognize faces. Neither can Chuck Close, the great artist known for his enormous paintings of … that's right, faces.

    Oliver and Chuck—both born with the condition known as Face Blindness—have spent their lives decoding who is saying hello to them. You can sit down with either man, talk to him for an hour, and if he sees you again just fifteen minutes later, he will have no idea who you are. (Unless you have a very squeaky voice or happen to be wearing the same odd purple hat.)

    In this podcast, we listen in on a conversation Robert had with Chuck and Oliver at Hunter College in New York City as part of the World Science Festival. Chuck and Oliver tell Robert what it's like to live with Face Blindness and describe two very different ways of coping with this condition, which may be more common than we think.

    The World Science Festival is an annual festival in New York City that pays tribute to imagination, ingenuity, and inventiveness. It's pretty much an all-star line up of fascinating talks and performances. This year's festival just concluded, but you can still catch full broadcasts of the 2010 programs, follow their blog, and sign up for email updates HERE. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy this particular morsel.

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    Edgar Choueiri knows how things work; he’s a rocket scientist — officially, the Director of Princeton University's Electric Propulsion and Plasma Dynamics Laboratory. If NASA ever sends a person to Mars, Choueiri’s research probably will have played a role. But Kurt Andersen visited his lab recently to get a taste of the future right now. Choueiri’s hobby is acoustics. He has developed a way to render sound in three dimensions, and given Studio 360 listeners an exclusive first listen of his 3D audio technology.

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  5. Home Theater Geeks Podcast 58: Jerry Mahabub

    Jerry Mahabub, founder of GenAudio and inventor of AstoundSound 3D-audio technology, talks about his research in brain imaging and perception as a teenager and how that research led to AstoundSound, how the algorithm works with 2-channel and surround systems, his new recording studio where the soundtrack for benefit short-film We Are the World 25 for Haiti was mixed and encoded with AstoundSound, answers to chat-room questions, and more.

    Run Time: 1:02:46

    Click here to listen to this podcast.

    Jerry Mahabub is the Chairman, President, and CEO of GenAudio, which he founded in 2003. GenAudio has developed AstoundSound, a 4D sound-localization technology for integration within professional, prosumer, and consumer software and hardware applications.

    Mahabub has over 22 years experience in research and development and 15 years in business development and technology-license negotiations. He has developed and commercialized some of the world's most sophisticated technologies for over 270 companies worldwide, including Boeing, Jet Propulsion Laboratories, US Naval Warfare Center and the US Army.


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