Bon Voyage

Bon Voyage brings the listener along on the intimate, emotional journey of a same-sex couple coping with mortality. It’s about how we try to meet death on our own terms, but death has its own agenda.

Paul Perkovic is dying of inoperable pancreatic cancer - he’s 65.

Paul isn’t picking out his death shroud, though. He’s sizing his tuxedo.

Rather than let Paul hunker down and wait to succumb, Paul’s husband Eric Trefelner, throws him a lavish "bon voyage party" at San Francisco’s finest museum.

The $250,000 bash is meant to commemorate not only the end of a life, but also the end of a life together.

When relationship breakdowns develop that neither man expects, Paul and Eric confront deep-seated problems and realise that dying - unlike a party - cannot be choreographed.

Producer: Julia Scott (Image: Paul Perkovic (L) and Eric Trefelner (R))


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