HBM030: Crickets, Cadavers And Conventional Wisdom

This episode is a Grab-bag, it contains three segments that serve as follow-ups to the three most recent episodes of Here Be Monsters.

PART 1: CRICKETS ON TAPE Follow-up to episode HBM029: Do Crickets Sing Hymns? Herebemonsters – Hbm029-do-crickets-sing-hymns

In this segment, Jeff takes apart his tape recorder and installs a knob to help him slow down the tape without using digital wizardry in attempts to de-muddy the waters after that episode. He bought some more crickets and slowed the cassette slowed down to 1/3 speed. The results were telling, and surprising.

In that episode, we were talking about the confusion surrounding the bit of audio called God’s Cricket Chorus by Jim Wilson. In this segment we’ll clear up exactly what is known and exactly what is not about God’s Cricket Chorus and its derivative works.

Also, a correction to a mistake we made in Episode 29 about how digital audio is constructed for our ears. In that episode we represented the final product of digital audio to be choppy, yet moving by too quick for our ears to notice its choppiness. This is NOT the case. In fact, digital audio is always converted back to analog before it hits our ears. This is done with a device called a Digital to Analog Converter (DAC). Here’s an article that explains this process very simply: www.howstuffworks.com/analog-digital.htm (Page 4 is where the good stuff starts).

Big thanks to the two commenters who pointed out this error.

Want to try stretching some crickets yourself? Download a set of cricket songs that you can mess with over at the brand new Here Be Monsters Website: HBMpodcast.com

PART 2: THE CONVENTIONAL WISDOM ON THE FUTURE OF THE FOUR HUMORS Follow-up to HBM027: Balancing Act Herebemonsters – Hbm027-balancing-act

In Balancing Act, Here Be Monsters producer Lina Misitzis delved into the rich history of the Four Humors, which was, for thousands of years, the way much of world understood medicine, the body and the universe as a whole.

While we never heard from Alain Touwaide in that episode, he was central to our research of traditional medicine. He’s the director of the Institute for the Preservation of Medical Traditions in Washington DC medicaltraditions.org/institute

He spoke with Lina about the foggy past and likely future of Humorism.

PART 3: THE RESTING PLACES OF MEDICAL CADAVERS: Follow-up to HBM028: Johnathan’s Cadaver Paintings Herebemonsters – Hbm028-jonathans-cadave

In Johnathan’s Cadaver Paintings, Johnathan Happ, a grad student at the University of Washington, visits one of the cadaver labs on campus. He spends a lot of time there, studying the bodies, so that he can make paintings of them in his studio. While that episode has a lot of information about the cadaver labs themselves. We never got the chance to talk about what happens to those bodies after their 3 year rotation in the lab. So, in this segment, Jeff goes out to the Evergreen-Washelli Cemetery in Northern Seattle where most of those bodies come to rest. www.washelli.com/

Special thanks to two employees of Evergreen-Washelli who helped out with a lot of the background for this piece: Sandy Matthie (Reception at Columbarium) and Brian Braathen (Funeral Home Manager)

MUSIC: Half Ghost: halfghost The Black Spot: theblackspot.bandcamp.com/

Producers: Jeff Emtman