April 11: We’re going rapid transiting!

Our rapid transit trip is over, but download the podcast to experience riding the Transitway with the pundits — live on air!

Will we make it from Balmoral Station at U of W to the U of M by 6:30? Will people on the bus steal and smash our cellphones? Will we singlehandedly solve all of the problems with transit in this city? Listen and find out!

To set the scene, check out a fellow blogger’s first impressions over at the cold, cold ground.

Note: Hilariously, we could have gotten there SEVEN MINUTES FASTER if we get off the rapid transit.

TOPIC 1: Should infill around Confusion Corner and the south end of Osborne Village be the focus instead of the ’burbs?

TOPIC 2: Illogical planning of new routes: Did they even think this through?! Who does this benefit, if anyone?

TOPIC 3: Katz eyes gas tax to fund rapid transit — shall we? OR shall we have a REFERENDUM?

TOPIC 4: I humbly submit that we SHOULD take Route #2 — through the industrial park. It could happen faster, and it could spur new development.