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By the bloggers for the bloggers, Winnipeg Internet Pundits is a weekly look at the pressing (and not-so-pressing) ideas of the day in Winnipeg with a focus on urban planning, transportation, public policy and mocking bad political decisions.

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  1. March 19th, 2014: The Last Show

    James, John and Kevin discuss wonky provincial job numbers, school board issues, city developer hassles, and both the past and future trends of the city.

    With James moving to northern Saskatchewan, this is the last episode of Winnipeg Internet Pundits; thank you all so much for listening these past three years!

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  2. March 12th, 2014: Vive la Renaissance

    Crumbling water and road infrastructure, the Mayor’s State of the City address, the eventual opening of Portage and Main, and the possible behaviour of newly-named Justice Vic Toews.

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  3. March 5th, 2014: Because Secret Fire-Hall Land Negotiations are Always a Good Idea

    Discussing the past week’s Swandel scandal, full-time versus part-time councillors, the once-again-threatened St. Charles Hotel, the continued federal-provincial battles, and the City’s water service failures.

    —Huffduffed by winnipeginternetpundits

  4. February 26th, 2014: Morning Toasts

    Derick, James and John discuss recent liquor regulation exemptions, Scott Fielding’s stand against the U-Pass, and now-ex-Liberal Bob Axworthy’s "purge" from the party.

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  5. February 19th, 2014: You Say You Want Expropriation

    Topics include City expropriation of Shindico fire hall land, Red River Co-op acquiring four Safeway stores, Hockey Winnipeg’s parental-insanity-curbing(?) online courses, and the City’s new (non-)entomologist.

    —Huffduffed by winnipeginternetpundits

  6. February 12th, 2014: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Overreactions

    James and John discuss Winnipeg head shop crackdowns, a Brandon School District smudging controversy, Manitoba NDP attack-ads (plus terrible poll numbers), and Russ Wyatt on Phil Sheegl.

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  7. February 5th, 2014: The Versus Show

    The Pundits discuss Christine Melnick vs. Greg Selinger, Sam Katz vs. The Uniter et al., and downtown condo subsidies vs. neighbourhood improvement funds. Also featuring some Can-rock with "Versus" in the title, because James is eccentric.

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  8. January 29th, 2014: Manitoba Italics

    The Pundits discuss the Morris and Arthur-Virden provincial by-election results before turning their focus to neat urban ideas that other cities are currently pursuing: pocket parks, urban farms, and skinny homes.

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  9. January 22nd, 2014: Hashtag We Are All Insane

    Susan Thompson’s Laser Pyramid. Winnipeg auditmania. Six different Portage Place Twitter accounts. The anarchist restaurant co-operative model. And splash pads for dogs. what is this i don’t even

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  10. January 15th, 2014: Dangerous Conditions

    The Pundits open 2014 with snow-clearing catastrophes, Phoenix Sinclair by-election delays, Erin Selby’s unsuccessful taxicab-shaming, and the fascinating ineptitude of the Manitoba PCs.

    —Huffduffed by winnipeginternetpundits

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