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  1. TWiT Live Special: Live with Kevin Kelly

    Kevin Kelly talks to Leo Laporte and Tom Merritt about minimizing technology in our lives, and the next step in evolution, the Technium.

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  2. Inside LCD Soundsystem With Frontman James Murphy : NPR

    When LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy attended live concerts, he says he always felt like there was something missing.

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  3. Jon Stewart: America’s Ruling King Of Fake News : NPR

    On Oct. 30, comedians Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert hosted dueling rallies on the National Mall. Called "The Rally to Restore Sanity" and the "March to Keep Fear Alive," respectively, the two rallies closely mimicked Glenn Beck’s recent "Restoring Honor Rally," also held in Washington, D.C.

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  4. On Publishing Mark Twain’s Autobiography - Fresh Air from WHYY

    Robert Hirst, the director of the Mark Twain Project, joins Fresh Air contributor David Bianculli for a discussion about the recent publication of Mark Twain’s autobiography — in the structure the author himself wished — from dictated stories collected by the University of California, Berkley’s Mark Twain Project

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  5. Web Accessibility For Everyone

    If you’ve ever used a large–handled can opener or a door with a lever instead of a knob, you’ve benefited from universal design. Universal Design is a relatively new approach to creating products and buildings. The goal is to make everything usable and effective for everyone. That means people who have disabilities, and people who don’t. Wendy Chisholm is a computer programmer and developer. She’s also coauthor of the book "Universal Design for Web Applications." KUOW’s Jeannie Yandel visited Wendy in her home office in Seattle’s north Ballard neighborhood. And she found out why Wendy strives to make the Internet universally accessible.

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  6. Mark Coleran on Fantasy User Interfaces

    I just interviewed Mark Coleran. Mark is a visual and interface designer. Part of his work has been in designing “fantasy user interfaces”: the computer interfaces that you see in movies. He’s designed interfaces for films that include Mission Impossible 3, The Island, The Bourne Identity, and Children of Men. There’s been a bit of a stir about Mark’s work lately, though Mark is keen to point out that he’s hardly the only person doing this work. I wanted to find out how you design computer visuals that are more dramatic than, well, actually using a computer.

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  7. Viktor Mayer-Schönberger on forgetting in a digital age

    Perfect, comprehensive digital memory denies human beings the ability to grow, to change, and to evolve over time. That is deeply worrying.

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  8. I Should Be Writing #175: Gift Guide/Conflict/Cory Doctorow Interview

    Last episode of the year! Cory has a new project that is awesome, you should check it out.


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