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  1. On the Media: Our Future with Technology

    "As computers become smarter (and smaller), there’s a good chance that in the future, the lines between humans and computers will begin to blur. What does that mean for our essential humanness? Clive Thompson, Jamais Cascio, Jaron Lanier and Ray Kurzweil discuss a future where machines can think like humans and people become one with the web."

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  2. Back Off Man, I’m A Scientist: User Generated Discovery

    Broad access to vast amounts of raw data, along with evermore powerful tools, have given everyday people the ability to make significant contributions to scientific inquiry and enrich our understanding of the Universe. See how passionate amateurs are addressing the fundamental questions of our world.

    Jon Wiley Sr User Experience Designer, Google

    Kevin Schawinski Postdoctoral Assoc, Yale University

    Darlene Cavalier Founder, Science Cheerleader

    Matthew Shindell PhD Candidate, University of California San Diego


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  3. The Googlization of Everything. (UC Press Podcast)

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  4. Build and Analyze #12: Performance is a Feature - 5by5

    Build and Analyze #12: Performance is a Feature - 5by5

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  5. Privacy At Stake As Sites Track Online Preferences : NPR

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  6. Seth Lloyd on Quantum Life

    Big Ideas presents Seth Lloyd of the Massachusetts Institute for Technology on Quantum Life, how organisms have evolved to make use of quantum effects.


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  7. Borges, Jorge Luis | Miette’s Bedtime Story Podcast

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  8. Alice Gaby - on linguistics

    Talk about the relevance of linguistics and implications for neuroscience

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  9. Podcast #011; Raising Awareness Through Multiple Perspectives

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  10. Podcast #014; Embracing Your Passion

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