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  1. Upgrade #168: Hail Hydrant - Relay FM

    The possibilities of an iMac with an A10 processor inside, the delay of the HomePod, Apple’s understanding of professional Mac users, the return of Twitterrific for the Mac, and the proper way to refer to keyboard shortcuts.


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  2. 5by5 | Back to Work #346: Disagreement of the Genders

    TOPIC: Turns out.


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  3. Productivity in Tech Podcast :Creating a Community of Pen Addicts - Brad Dowdy – Productivity in Tech

    This week we are joined by Brad Dowdy. Brad is a CEO of the analog tools company Nock.co. He is also the creator of the Pen Addict and co-hosts the Pen Addict Podcast. Two years ago, Brad quit his full time job of 15 years as a system administrator and pursued his side-hustles head on.

    Since then, he’s built the largest pen and paper community in the world.

    In this conversation, we talk about his Fascination with Analog Utilities, fathering a "weird" hobby community, and a breakdown of his side hustling/entrepreneur journey.

    Links of Note

    Uniball Signo

    Well Appointed Desk Blog

    Patrick Rhone


    Atlanta Pen Show

    Connect with Brad

    @Dowdyism - Twitter

    @PenAddict - Instagram

    The Pen Addict

    The Pen Addict Podcast

    If you enjoyed the conversation with Brad, you can listen to the whole unedited conversation and bonus round by becoming a PIT Premium Member.

    Be sure to Rate and Review the Show


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  4. Connected #160: Things Have Taken a Turn - Relay FM

    Federico’s iOS 11 review is done. Stephen has an announcement. Myke makes a confession about his Apple TV remote.


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  5. Welcome To Night Vale - Ghost Stories

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  6. SwiftCoders » Blog Archive » 37: Chris Lattner - Creator of Swift

    37: Chris Lattner - Creator of Swift

    January 24, 2017

    Chris Lattner!!! Can you believe it?





    #Pragma Conference 2016 - Ayaka Nonaka - Contributing to Swift …







    Listen on iTunes. Support this podcast via Square Cash by sending funds to the cashtag $garricn. Questions, comments, or you just wanna say Hi? Contact your host @garricn on Twitter. This episode was recorded using the Cast platform by @JulianLepinski. Wanna start your own podcast? Try Cast!


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  7. Remaster #23: Console Devkits - Relay FM

    Myke got an NES Mini, and Shahid explains the wonderful world of Console Devkits.


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  8. B-Sides #22: I Love To Test: Pokémon Go - Relay FM

    This is a test episode of a new show called, ‘I Love To Test’, hosted by Adina Neamtu, Tiffany Arment and Myke Hurley. Listen to this opinionated trio discuss their thoughts after testing out Pokémon Go.


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  9. The Perils of Intimacy | This American Life

    Stories about mysteries that exist in relationships we thought couldn’t possibly surprise us, and the strangeness of putting our wants on the line with someone who may not share them at all— and how much we’re willing to risk for someone we may never see again.


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  10. Connected #92: My Relationship with the Status Bar - Relay FM

    This week Federico takes Myke on a tour of his experience with Android.


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