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  1. Don’t Listen to Anyone: Casey Neistat on The Creative Life | Rich Roll

    Ultra-athlete & author Rich Roll talks with filmmaker / entrepreneur Casey Neistat about the guiding principles for leading a rewarding creative life.


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  2. Gary Vaynerchuk Works Harder Than You Do | Rich Roll

    Ultra-athlete & bestselling author Rich Roll talks with entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk about why you have to be the architect & the mason of your destiny.


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  3. S1E02: Killing the Dinosaur Business Model (Part 2) with Basecamp’s Jason Fried & DHH

    Lead the future.


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  4. S1E01: Killing the Dinosaur Business Model (Part 1) with Basecamp’s Jason Fried & DHH

    Lead the future.


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  5. Launch: The Audio Documentary of a Startup | Launch. A Startup Documentary.

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    Follow a tech startup on its journey from nascent idea to embryonic product to triumphant launch.

    Launch follows Rob Walling and Derrick Reimer as they bring email marketing startup Drip from its first days of inception through the agonizing months of writing code, talking to customers, and the never-ending uncertainty of whether anyone will ever use what they are building.

    From the honeymoon period of “green field” development to the sleepless nights of database failures, Launch captures the often underplayed, but very real angst of building a startup.

    Compiled and edited from dozens of conversations captured over a 9-month period, this 2-hour audio documentary serves as a dose of reality to the often mythical media portrayal of the startup journey.


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