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  1. Stephen Ritz On Turning His Bronx Classroom Into A Farm | Rich Roll

    Athlete & bestselling author Rich Roll talks with educator Stephen Ritz about transforming the Bronx & generations of kids by turning his classroom into a farm.


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  2. Don’t Listen to Anyone: Casey Neistat on The Creative Life | Rich Roll

    Ultra-athlete & author Rich Roll talks with filmmaker / entrepreneur Casey Neistat about the guiding principles for leading a rewarding creative life.


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  3. Moby on Transforming Music & Elevating Consciousness | Rich Roll

    Ultra-athlete & author Rich Roll talks with musician / DJ Moby about transforming electronica, elevating social awareness, veganism & Moby’s new memoir Porcelin


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  4. Orwellian threats caused the New York Times to spike a story on NSA spying way back in 2004 | Public Radio International

    In 2004, the New York Times was about to publish a story on domestic spying. But its editor at the time, Bill Keller, ended up spiking the story after visiting the White House and being told its publication could cause the next 9/11 terrorist attack.


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