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  1. Edward Tufte Wants You to See Better - Science Friday

    Edward Tufte with Richard Feynman’s van, which sports one of the physicist’s eponymous diagrams.Data scientist Edward Tufte (dubbed the “Galileo of graphics” by Businessweek) pioneered the field of data visualization. Tufte discusses what he calls “forever knowledge,” and his latest projects: sculpting Richard Feynman’s diagrams, and helping people “see without words.”


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  2. The Web Ahead #70: Data Visualization with Scott Murray

    We are collecting more data now than ever, and freely sharing some datasets on the open web. Web technology has the power for us to present complex data interactively. How should you go about a data visualization project?

    Scott Murray — alignedleft D3.js - Data-Driven Documents Gallery · mbostock/d3 Wiki Interactive Data Visualization for the Web - O’Reilly Media Interactive Data Visualization for the Web How Not to Be Misled by the Jobs Report - NYTimes.com Datawrapper d3/d3-plugins Data visualization tools Tableau Public | Tableau Software (99+) d3-js - Google Groups Newest ‘d3.js’ Questions - Stack Overflow API Reference · mbostock/d3 Wiki bl.ocks.org bl.ocks.org - mbostock Vega: A Visualization Grammar NVD3 xkcd: Map Projections The United States of Bouncy Balls Webcast: Data Visualization - The Value of Process

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  3. storytelling with data: #1 the art of feedback

    This first episode focuses on feedback in data visualization. I discuss the value of both giving and receiving data visualization feedback and potential problem areas to avoid. Hear The Economist’s response to the recent hurricane data visualization challenge as well as answers to reader questions on the topics of when to use graphs, considerations with dashboards, and data viz 101 book recommendations.

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  4. The late great physicist Richard Feynman - In Conversation - ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

    Scientists are sometimes accused of diminishing the beauty of the natural world by explaining it in terms of scientific ideas and processes. Not so, according to the late Nobel prize-winning physicist Richard Feynman, who says knowledge about the inner structure of flowers only adds to the excitement, mystery and awe of nature. A very passionate Richard Feynman will be In Conversation with himself this week.


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  5. Richard Feynman - Problem Solving - YouTube

    Richard Feynman was one of the greatest problem solvers of the 20th century and loved being puzzled and solving puzzles, a quality that made him a legendary …


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  6. Data Stories #25: Visualization on Mobile & Touch Devices w/ Dominikus Baur | Data Stories

    In this episode we talk about visualization on mobile and touch devices. How do you design visualization interfaces for this kind of devices? How different is it to interact with your fingertips rather than with your mouse? Advantages, disadvantages, unexplored opportunities?

    We talk about that with Dominukus Baur, interaction designer and mobile data visualization specialist. You can see his work on his website/blog. Make sure to give a look to his talk at the OpenVis Conference: Data on Your FingerTips. He gives lots of useful tips!

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  7. BBC World Service - Discovery, The Feynman Variations

    Brian Cox presents a tribute to the great physicist, Richard Feynman


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  8. Scott Murray on Designing, Coding, and Data Visualization

    In this week’s Design Podcast, I sit down with Scott Murray, designer, creative coder, and artist who writes software to create data visualizations. Murray is the author of Interactive Data Visualization for the Web and the forthcoming book Creative Coding and Data Visualization with p5.js: Drawing on the Web with JavaScript. Murray is teaching an online course, Programming for Designers on May 11-12, 2016. We talk about why coding is a great skill for designers to learn (and it’s not just about earning more money); data visualization; and why design, at it’s core, is problem solving.

    Original video: https://soundcloud.com/oreilly-radar/scott-murray-on-designing-coding-and-data-visualization?in=oreilly-radar/sets/oreilly-design-podcast
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  9. World Stories: Bombs, Stamps and Throat Singers

    American physicist Richard Feynman fell in love with the remote Russian region Tuva through his hobby of stamp collecting. He died just before his visitor’s visa arrived but his daughter Michelle went to the land of throat singers in his honour.

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  10. Richard Feynman on Fire

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