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  1. #187: Redux, React, and Functional JavaScript with Dan Abramov - The Changelog

    Our guest this week is Dan Abramov, the mastermind behind Redux, a predictable state container for JavaScript applications. We discussed Dan’s path to becoming a programmer, his introduction to open source, React, JavaScript, functional programming in JavaScript, his thoughts on looking outside of your bubble to other ecosystems and borrowing/sharing what you can.

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    Show notes and links

    [Guest idea] Dan Abramov (Redux) · Issue #317 · thechangelog/ping

    Dan Abramov (@dan_abramov) on Twitter

    Dan Abramov (@gaearon) on GitHub

    Redux Homepage and Docs


    “We do not need another Flux framework. We have about 50,000 Flux frameworks.” – @rookieone on #BeyondCode

    Getting Started with Redux Course by Dan Abramov on Egghead.io

    Relay | A JavaScript framework for building data-driven React applications

    Flux | Application Architecture for Building User Interfaces

    By any means necessary – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Dan Abramov – Live React: Hot Reloading with Time Travel at react-europe 2015 – YouTube



    David Nolen (@swannodette) on GitHub


    Middleware | Redux

    Richard Feldman (@rtfeldman) on GitHub

    #151: Rust with Steve Klabnik and Yehuda Katz – The Changelog

    Hero: Jordan Walke (@jordwalke) on Twitter

    Hero: Sebastian Markbåge (@sebmarkbage) on Twitter

    Hero: Steve Klabnik (@steveklabnik) on Twitter

    RLRT: Nice interview by @changelog about #rustlang – could give it a try in the following weeks :)

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  2. Debug 32: John Siracusa on Copland 2014 | iMore

    John Siracusa of Hypercritical and the Accidental Tech Podcast shows up to fight with Guy over Copland 2014. That is, the idea that Apple needs to embrace elements of higher level languages and figure out what comes after Objective C.

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  3. David Lynch (BSS #100) : The Bat Segundo Show

    Subjects Discussed: Transcendental Meditation, true happiness, contending with stress, fear and anxiety, anger, the relationship between filmmaking and TM, inner happiness, walking vs. TM, Knut Hamsun, Einstein’s Theory of Everything, Dostoevsky’s 1866 publishing deal, on coming up with ideas, the art life vs. the business life, Frank Silva’s unexpected casting as Bob in Twin Peaks, and whether Lynch understands his own films.


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