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BA in Interaction Design, passionate perfectionist, web enthusiast & coffee lover. Partner at Interactive Things and founder of Datavisualization.ch

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  1. Robots: Senseable Robots « Robots – The Podcast for News and Views on Robotics


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  2. Building a cult rather than a culture

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  3. Craft, Parenting and Cheese with Jon Hicks – Episode 29 « Creatiplicity

    Creatiplicity: The Podcast of Fusion Ads


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  4. Technikwürze 183: Kirby Total

    Kirby ist ein neues, dateibasiertes Content Management System. “Easy to setup, easy to use, flexible as hell”, verspricht sein Erfinder Bastian Allgeier. Mit eben diesem haben sich Andreas Dantz und Marcel Böttcher zusammengesetzt und die Vor- und Nachteile auf den Tisch gebracht. http://technikwuerze.de/podcast/technikwuerze-183-kirby-total/

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  5. Input | Big Data

    Wie Forscher mit unseren Daten die Zukunft vorhersagen | Schweizer Radio DRS

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  6. Brewster Kahle: Universal Access to All Knowledge - The Long Now


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  7. Creative Coding Episode 8

    Flight 404

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  8. Lean UX: Getting Out of the Deliverables Business

    Traditionally User Experience Design has been a deliverables practice. Wireframes, sitemaps, flow diagrams, content inventories, taxonomies and "The Spec" defined the practice of UX Designers (IxD, UX Design, whatever, etc). While this work has helped define what UX Designers do and the value our work brings to the business, it has also put us in the deliverables business - measured and compensated for the depth and breadth of our deliverables (instead of the quality and success of the experiences we design). Enter Lean UX. Inspired by Lean Product and Agile development theories, Lean UX is the practice of bringing the true nature of our work to light faster, with less emphasis on deliverables and greater focus on the actual experience being designed. This talk will explore how Lean UX manifests in terms of process, communication, documentation and team interaction. In addition, we’ll take a look at how this philosophical shift can take root in any environment from large corporation to interactive agencies to startups.

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  9. Think Vitamin Radio #24: Episode #24: Flickr Royalty, Sortfolio Sale and Work Life Balance | Think Vitamin

    This week we discuss the recent Royal Wedding, ponder why 37signals are selling Sortfolio which appears very profitable and have a roundtable chat about our



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  10. 37signals Is Selling Sortfolio. What Happened? With Jason Fried

    In 2009, 37signals launched Sortfolio, a directory of designers that includes beautiful photos of their portfolios. A few days ago, the company put Sortfolio up for sale. What happened? That’s what I invited Jason Fried, 37signals’ founder, to talk about.


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