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  1. Some Terms May Not Apply: Learn to Skim a Terms of Service Contract, Pay Less for Apps, and Work Better with White Noise

    This week on the Ask Lifehacker podcast, we’re learning how music affects your ability to work, getting great deals on mobile apps, and protecting your passwords on public Wi-Fi networks. Also, Facebook blows a billion dollars on Instagram, terms of service contracts are no longer the ironclad documents companies wanted them to be, and a whole lot more.


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  2. Mac Power Users

    David and Katie’s recent nerderrific interview on my Mac workflow (mp3) on Mac Power Users has turned out to be a lot of peoples’ favorite thing I’ve done in years

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  3. The Marketplace of Ideas

    Just for the sake of completion, my all-time favorite interview was conducted by Colin Marshall for The Marketplace of Ideas

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  4. Merlin's New Thing with Dan Benjamin at 5by5.tv | 43 Folders

    5by5 5by5 Live Before Christ was a corporal, Dan Benjamin was already a bit of a hero to me. read more »


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