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  1. Get-It-Done Guy

    Time Management Top 5 Tips 1 Give Yourself Good Advice 2 Manage Life with a Personal Dashboard 3 How to Learn a Language Quickly 4 How to Get Your Mojo Back 5 How to Name Files About the Host:

    Get-It-Done Guy host Stever Robbins is a successful entrepreneur who loves productivity in the service of personal fulfillment. A veteran of nine startups, including FTP Software, Intuit, and HEAR Music. Stever is a graduate of Harvard Business School and MIT.

    Read More Recent Tips How to Get Work Done On Airplanes June 14, 2010 How to Learn a Language Quickly June 7, 2010 How to Get Noticed by Your CEO May 31, 2010 How to Get Your Mojo Back May 26, 2010 Recommended Reading & Listening




    The Mind Map

    The Power of a Positive No

    The Organized Executive

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    by Stever Robbins Today’s sponsor is Carbonite. For a 15-day free trial, visit http://Carbonite.com using code done. If you travel a lot, you need to know how make the most of your time on planes. I first started working on planes when I started speaking on entrepreneurship and leadership.


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  2. Rule of Thirds Podcast [Design podcast]

    Introduction to who we are and the reason for the existence of such a thing. Luke discsuses D&AD Student awards and what effect they have on industry, and Tom talks about the use of non-websafe font's as part of CSS3's @font-face, and the rise of Typekit. Feature: This month we focussed on trends in design how they are followed in different fields and when they are and aren't suitable for the audience. Jon introduced the use of the 960 grid system for web designers and we discuss what effect it has on design.

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  3. Design with Intent: How designers can influence behaviour

    "Whatever we design - products, services, environments, systems - we have an opportunity to influence user behaviour. Bringing together ideas from different disciplines, 'Design with Intent' aims to give designers a way of addressing areas where influencing behaviour would provide benefits for users and for society in general - particularly, reducing the environmental impacts of product use. Slides available here: http://bit.ly/Vyn44"

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  4. Adrian Shaughnessy / The Essential Attributes of the Graphic Designer

    Whether you’re new in the game or have been running your design studio for years – in today’s unsteady climate, what does it take to be a successful graphic designer?

    Adrian Shaughnessy, the self taught graphic designer and author of How to be a Graphic Designer, Without Losing Your Soul, reviewed essential attributes needed by the modern graphic designer dealing with the competing demands of creativity versus client accountability. Addressing questions such as:

    How can designers balance business discipline and creative freedom?

    What qualities are needed to produce good work and make a living?

    From http://www.design-event.co.uk/AdrianDL.htm

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