Indian Civilization Lec 24

History of Indian Civilization, Lec 24; UCLA, Lecture of 7 March 2013. History of the Company to 1757—and then post-1757: Battle of Plassey; Mir Jafar, Clive, Mir Kasam, and Siraj-ud-daulah; the plunder of Bengal and scenes from the film, ‘Clive of India’ (1933);Warren Hastings and the expansion of British rule in India; the defeat of Tipu Sultan; the British rhetoric of ‘improvement’, the elimination of Sati, and Macaulay’s minute of 2 February 1835; the Permanent Settlement under Cornwallis; some notes on the Marathas, on Ranjit Singh and the annexation of the Punjab; theories of British governance in India, and Utilitarianism; the migrations overseas of Indian indentured laborers; under-development and de-industrialization of India under colonial rule; the material and moral ‘improvement’ of the Indians. India’ssharp decline of the share of the world’s GDP, 1750-1860.

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