Indian Civilization Lec 22

History of Indian Civilization, Lec 22; UCLA, Lecture of 1 March 2013. Powerpoint presentation on Indian art and architecture— the Qutab Minar the establishment of the Red Fort; and some images of Hindu temples (Vijayanagar, Hampi), sacred sites, and bhaktas (devotees of God); the significance of the Red Fort in Delhi and the reterritorialization of the Red Fort; Diwan-i-Am and Diwan-i-Khas; hunting as a royal pastime; Golden Temple (Amritsar). some discussion of Tulsidas and the Ramacaritmanas; the decline of the Mughal Empire, and the expensive campaigns of Aurangzeb; regulations imposed under Aurangzeb; the imposition of Jizya; the attempt to secure the surplus created by the peasants.

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