Indian Civilization Lec 20

History of Indian Civilization, Lec 20; UCLA, Lecture of 27 February 2012. Concluding remarks about the Bhakti movement; emergence of the Mughal Empire; some remarks on Guru Nanak, Mirabai, and Tukaram; and the milieu in which bhakti flourished. Low class origins of many bhaktas (devotees). The modes of resistance pursued by women; brief insights from 12th-14th century European history. In the second half of the lecture, we start to explore the origins and impact of the Mughal empire. Defeat of Ibrahim Lodi by Babur on 19 April 1526. What were the pillars of Mughal rule? Comments on Mughal-Rajput alliance; cult of the emperor; absorption of the enemy; system of forts; mansabdari system; the practice of darsan; Indianization of the Mughals. Succession among the Mughals.

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