Indian Civilization Lec 18

MHistory of Indian Civilization; UCLA, Lecture of 22 February 2012. Some concluding remarks on the Delhi Sultanate, especially Allauddin Khilji; reforms initiated by Khilji; imposition of the poll tax or jizyas; succession of the Lodis. In South India, the ascendancy of the Cholaspolitical empires in south India; Bahmani Sultanate in south India; Vijaynagar and the reign of Krishna Deva-Raya; the coming of the Portuguese, and the interpretations of K. M. Panikkar. We then consider the significance of the coming of the Europeans; Vasco da Gama and the interaction with the Zamorin; and the death of Krishna Devaraya in 1529. In the concluding portion of the lecture, I introduce the subject of the bhakti movement and the development of Indian languages.

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