Indian Civilization Lec 16

History of Indian Civilization,, Lec 16; UCLA, Lecture of 15 February 2012. Some concluding remarks on the disappearance of Buddhism - competing narratives about this phenomenon; and some concluding remarks on Shankaracharya. His establishment of maths, and his attempt to consolidate Hinduism. Brief comments on the contours of the political history of India—emergence of the Rajputs; the Pratiharas; the Chalukyas; the Rashtrakutas; and the Palas in Bengal: story of the political fragmentation of India. Brief comments on the history of South India; the relationship of Tamil and Sanskrit; loan words from Sanskrit. Indian Ocean trading network—some of its characteristics. The coming of Islam to India; elementary aspects of Islam. Early Islamic invasions in Sind; theory of communalism and problems in the communalist interpretations of Indian history. Mahmud of Ghazni; Hegel on the riches of India; attack on Somnath. What do we mean by the politics of conquest?

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