Indian Civilization Lec 15

History of Indian Civilization, Lec 15; UCLA, Lecture of 13 February 2012. Some further remarks, albeit brief, on the Guptas; the figure of Kalidasa, perhaps in the early 5th century; reign of Chandragupta II — the consolidation of Puranic literature. Rajamandala. We then move on to the subject of the Indianization of SE Asia: Borubodor, Prambanan, Angkor; various theories on the spread of the Indian influence in South East Asia. We then move on to the last subject of this lecture, namely the reasons for the disappearance of Buddhism from India. Importance of Shankaracharya and his revival of Advaita Vedanta; Buddhism and Brahminism; synthesis of Hinduism under Shankara.

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