Indian Civilization Lec 14

History of Indian Civilization,Lec 14; UCLA, Lecture of 10 February 2012. some problems with the periodization of Indian history; James Mill’s History of British India. Indian history before the Guptas: Indo-Greeks, Shakas, Kushanas, and the reign of Kanishka. Indian calendrical systems and the Vikrama era. Evidence from Pliny about Indian trade with Rome; the Sanskrit Cosmopolis. Next part of the lecture is on the Guptas, the so-called "Golden" or "Classical" age of India. Findings in Astronomy; the development of chess; Kalidasa and Indian literature; the reigns of Chandgraupta I, Samudragupta, and Samudragupta II. The political system may be described as "Rajamandala". What is the idea of cultural capital? The gradual shift from Buddhism to Hinduism. Fa-hien’s observations on India, around 400 CE.

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