Indian Civilization Lec 11

HIstory of Indian Civilization; UCLA, Lecture of 3 February 2012. The Mahabharata, continuation of previous lecture; some comments on its structure, story within a story; The Bhagavad Gita; the wager; Draupadi at the Assembly Hall; Aswatthama and the death of Drona; the role of Krishna and the death of Jayadratha; the Yaksha Prasna; Yudisthira and his reputation for truthfulness; the importance of vows and the meaning of a promise; the supreme question of dharma. The deception, apparently, of Krishna. What is the nature of agency and free will? Some comments on the so-called ‘dark ages’ of India; the importance of the 2nd century AD - Manusmriti (Laws of Manu), Arthasastra; end of the Mauryan empire;Central Asians in India, and, on the other hand, Indians in SE Asia. The Indianization of Southeast Asia. The poetry in stone created by Satavahanas

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