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  1. TRON Legacy

    28 years ago, TRON gave us a story of a “user” incarnating as a program in the computer world demonstrating amazing powers and sacrificially saving and transforming that world, then rising in a beam of light. Biblical parallels of religious oppression, atheism and a much-needed salvation from beyond were thinly veiled and metaphorically messy, so the question emerges: where will they go now?

    TRON Legacy continues the franchise’s pixelated messianic motif, as the son of the digital world’s creator “incarnates” in his Father’s realm to seek and save the lost. Pastor James shows how the story mirrors the human condition: how Kevin Flynn parallels culture’s view of abdicating fathers and our distorted view of God, our heavenly father.

    Film and Theology teaches how to engage all stories for edification, evangelism, and God’s glory.


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