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  1. Science Friday: The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

    "Medical researchers often use cells known as HeLa cells in their work. The ‘immortal cells’ are used to study cancer, aging, AIDS, and more. The name HeLa is a shortening of the name Henrietta Lacks — a woman whose cervical cancer cells were used to create this research cell line, without her knowledge or permission. In this segment, Ira talks with author Rebecca Skloot about ‘The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,’ a tale of biology and medical ethics." купить виагру онлайн


    This is an interesting coincidental accompaniment to a RadioLab segment (will add next) about ‘cell immortality’ of a cluster of cells (scientifically known as WI38) derived from a single woman’s aborted child. Those cells now live in over a billion people though the majority of vaccines given over the last 50 years.

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  2. LSE - ‘It’s my body and I’ll do what I Like with it’ Bodies as possessions and objects

    We commonly use the language of body ownership as a way of claiming personal rights, though we do not normally mean it literally. Most people feel uneasy about markets in sexual or reproductive services, and though there is a substantial global trade in body tissues, the illicit trade in live human organs is widely condemned. But what, if any, is the problem with treating bodies as resources and/or possessions? Is there something about the body that makes it particularly inappropriate to apply to it the language of property, commodities, and things? Or is thinking the body special a kind of sentimentalism that blocks clear thinking about matters such as prostitution, surrogate motherhood, or the sale of spare kidneys? купить виагру онлайн

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  3. Aérea Negrot & Fata Kiefer

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    Aérea Negrot & Fata Kiefer купить виагру онлайн 01. Martin Buttrich - Enough Love To Hate It | Desolat 02. DJ Pippi vs. Willie Graff - Hyper Space (Space Dub Mix) | Drumpoet Community 03. Silicone Soul - Language Of The Soul (Nivek Tsoy Remix) | Soma Recordings 04. Aerea Negrot - Sing (All I Wanna Do) | Bpitch Control 05. DJ Koze - Blume Der Nacht | Pampa Records 06. Ramadanman


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  4. Time Social Location. What’s Next In Mobile Experiences?

    As more devices become location aware, social uses will continue to evolve beyond just who and what, to WHEN. Adding the temporal dimension creates new opportunities for social interaction. Learn about ways to leverage and use technology to add features at the intersection of temporal, social, and location. купить виагру онлайн

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