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  1. The Visser of Ozcast Episode Six

    Remember last week (Of course you don’t remember! Don’t lie! How could you remember something you never experienced in the first place? Self depriciation, guys. Much respect) when we said we were done talking about the Melo saga? Well, we lied.

    In Episode 6, the Visser of Ozcast discusses the breaking Melo news straight from the Russian billionaire’s somewhat startling press conference where he announced that the Nets’ trade proposal was being pulled off the table. The Nuggets front office looks like they really botched this one, but the most saddening result from the non-trade is that NBA fans were denied this. Just kidding, those other ladies will be just fine without LaLaLaLaLaLaLaLaLa (that’s me ignoring you telling me how much the Nuggets are going to suck without Melo all while taking a stab at Melo’s wife’s attractiveness).

    Anyways, we did in fact manage to pull away from the demoralizing NBA trade vortex for a few minutes to discuss the Brochella line-up and call out anyone who was actually offended by Ricky Gervais’ Golden Globes broformance. So many thin-skinned, millionaire sympathizers out there! I wish Ricky would roast the Coachella line-up. It deserves it.

    We wrap up with some obligatory NFL playoff talk because it’s January, you see. If we’re going to keep rooting for the Jets, they better continue to keep up their end of the bandwagon-bargain. That’s hint hint for more brash and bluster, please!

    All the aforementioned goodness and so much more (actually, the above pretty much covers it), in this succinct little slice of pop and sport culture audio heaven…


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